Rob Kardashian Accused Of Threatening To Hire Hitman To Kill Blac Chyna's Friend

What the actual fuck?

We rarely ever hear about the chubby Kardashian shut-in these days, but the forgotten brother, Rob Kardashian is making headlines after he (allegedly) threatened to hire a hitman to kill Blac Chyna’s friend. Yes, you read that correctly.

Let me explain this clusterfuck of a situation. When Rob & Chyna were still together, a photo leaked of Blac Chyna kissing her friend Pilot Jones and the couple blamed him for the leak. The dysfunctional pair then exposed him as gay and released his private phone number to the public.

He claims Rob and Chyna ruined his life and said he attempted suicide after receiving threatening messages, following the phone number leak. Pilot is suing both parties and seeking $2 million in damages.

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According to new court documents obtained by The Blast, the disgruntled Kardashian hater is also demanding Rob NOT be dismissed from the lawsuit and released threatening messages from the reality star to prove he threatened to hire a hitman to kill Pilot. Yes, you read that right too.

All the texts from Rob are weird and seem like they were written by a fourth-grader. Instead of me dissecting all the homophobic slurs and talk about LA Mexicans, just browse through all the fuckery at your own leisure below:

As a result of those aggressive text messages, Pilot allegedly feared for his life, tried to commit suicide and even avoided Mexican restaurants, just in case any of Rob’s Mexicans were in there. How does chubby, depressed Rob Kardashian suddenly have all these Mexicans ready to kill for him? The court documents explained the trauma Pilot endured as a result of Rob, stating:

“Evidence of multiple measures of damages he suffered as a result of Kardashian’s Group Texts. Plaintiff feared for his life and well-being as a result of Kardashian’s threats that he fled to Louisiana, increased his psychological counseling to multiple times per month, attempted suicide, felt unsafe in public and, in particular, Mexican restaurants, had near-daily panic attacks and insomnia, suffered dramatic weight loss, and suffered a general loss of esteem and confidence..”

Pilot is still suing him for $2 million, however, Rob is demanding the lawsuit be thrown out entirely as he is blaming Chyna for sending those messages from his phone and denies any wrongdoing in the situation. In Chyna’s defense, she is claiming everybody knew he was gay, so she doesn’t believe she exposed his sexuality to the world.

This is the weirdest lawsuit I’ve ever seen and it all started over a photo of Blac Chyna kissing someone. We have seen this woman’s vagina, so why the fuck would a kiss with a gay man be shocking?

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