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Mauricio Umansky Sued For $4.5 Million Over The Same Mansion Sale

This is one million dollar listing that won't go away.

It wouldn't be a news week if one of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' husbands wasn't facing yet another lawsuit. This time, Mauricio Umansky has been hit with a third lawsuit accusing him of fraud, over the sale of a $32 million mansion.

In case you've been living under a rock, Mauricio sold a Malibu mansion to a man named Mauricio Oberfeld for $32.5 million. The seller Teodoro Mangue is accusing him of partnering with the other Mauricio to buy the house and alleges Kyle Richards' husband failed to inform him the house had much higher offers.

A year later, the two Mauricios sold the home for $70 million and made a profit of $37 million. So basically, everyone thinks Umansky ripped them off so he could buy the house for himself cheaper to sell it for a much higher price later.

According to The Blast, his latest lawsuit comes from Aitan Segal, who represented a buyer interested in buying the Malibu mansion, and made a $40 million offer on the home to Mauricio. This means, if Mauricio hadn't (allegedly) sold the house to himself at a lower price then Mr. Segal would've sold the home to his client and made a profit of $4.5 million in commission.

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Aitan is suing Mauricio for the $4.5 million in commission, he should've received from the sale.

This brings Mauricio's lawsuit count to three over this Malibu mansion. First, he was sued by the seller, Teodoro Mangue, for $32 million. Then he was sued by a potential buyer named Sam Hakim, for $35 million, and now he's facing this $4.5 million lawsuit.

That is more money than I can even fathom, so let's hope Kyle starts selling out her kaftans to get ready for the millions of dollars they could potentially owe all these disgruntled real estate people.

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