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Kenya Moore Calls NeNe Leakes A Bully With "Very Few" Friends

Miss Twirl definitely doesn't hold back.

It's no secret Kenya Moore and NeNe Leakes aren't friends, which is set to be a major storyline on this season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and thanks to Kenya's recent interview she made that very clear.

The pageant queen turned reality star spoke to TMZ on the step-and-repeat of the launch of her haircare line at Sally Beauty in Atlanta and didn't hold back when she was asked about her costar. The shit-stirring paparazzi asked why NeNe is threatened by her, and after joking it's because she is FABULOUS, Kenya revealed she doesn't know why:

“Honestly, I don’t know, um, it is definitely an issue within her, I don’t know why she’s so intimidated by me but, um, I really wish she would get herself together because, um, I come in peace. [NeNe] just always seems to find a way to be bothered.”

I know the idea of any Housewife coming in peace is hilarious, however, if you look back on NeNe and Kenya's beef from the beginning, Miss Moore really never did anything to the Rich Bitch. Nothing. One day NeNe just decided to hate the resident twirler and only stopped feuding with her when she randomly decided to. Watch the tapes back, people.

The paps also asked Kenya if NeNe was a bully, and of course, she didn't waste a second to agree with them stating:

“Oh, she’s absolutely a bully, she’s bullied everyone on the show. That’s the truth.”

Can anyone say with absolute certainty that NeNe Leakes isn't a bully? Based on reports of the new season, TMZ also asked Kenya about Eva Marcille and Marlo Hampton being the only people on NeNe's "bandwagon" this year, however, Miss Gone With The Wind Fabulous made it clear the former model is definitely riding for #TeamMoore this season:

“No, Eva’s on my bandwagon! You know, NeNe has very few friends on the show — real friends, so…”

Outside of Marlo, you can't really argue with that one! Cynthia Bailey was NeNe's real friend outside of the show, but look where their relationship is right now.

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In a final shady question from the paps, who were randomly stationed outside this event with no other people present, they asked Kenya if she'd ever take relationship advice from the Rich Bitch, and in a final, shady blow Kenya said:

“I don’t take any advice from NeNe. Especially not about wigs.”


In my opinion, NeNe can't stand Kenya because although Linnethia will always be the OG of the ATL, Kenya is always at the center of the drama and knows how to be the star of the franchise, which NeNe can't stand.

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