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Why RHOBH Season 10 Is Shaping Up To Be Another Snooze Fest

We're in for another season about nothing!

Let's be real, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills hasn't been good since Brandi Glanville lost her diamond and the upcoming season is shaping up to be another dud.

Without LVP in the mix, everyone is still great friends and there's no drama on the show at all, which isn't surprising considering nobody wants to be labeled "the villain" or authentically open up their lives because they're all too image aware.

According to Hollywood Life, sources revealed the Housewives have been filming for over two months and there is no drama saying "this season is light on drama" and that "there have been zero fights so far."


The source tells the outlet, the only cast member bringing any kind of conflict is Lisa Rinna's friend, newbie Sutton Stracke who is struggling to bond with the cast and has gotten into some petty disagreements with the ladies, which definitely won't be over anything big, and that for the most part everyone is still getting along. The insider revealed:

“Sutton seems to be the one causing the only type of stirring among cast members as she hasn’t bonded with a lot of them quite yet. [There has been] been essentially no drama at all with Lisa Vanderpump’s departure. The ladies are all truly friends and [are] getting along, seemingly.”

The thought of having to watch and recap 20 episodes of nothing makes me want to take a Sleeping Beauty sized nap until the season is over.

Kyle Richards told the outlet there's "always" drama but drinking champagne out of a wine glass is considered drama in the 90210. The last standing OG Housewife did, however, hint at Brandi and Kim Richards potentially making guest appearances which could amp up the drama for the season. Can Bravo just give the two messy Housewives their diamonds back?

In addition to there being no drama for the upcoming season, newbie Garcelle Beauvais is also refusing to talk about her messy divorce on camera and avoiding it at all costs. To catch you up, Garcelle made headlines in 2010 when she found out her husband Mike Nilon cheated on her and she emailed all his colleagues at his work about it, causing him to lose his job.

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Oh great, just what we need. Another dud Housewife who uses the show for clout but won't say anything about their life. Yay. Her getting his cheating ass fired is GOLD. Why wouldn't she want to talk about that? Another source told Hollywood Life, this about Garcelle avoiding discussing her breakup saying:

“Garcelle Beauvais is doing everything that she can to prevent her past from coming up on RHOBH this season as she films. She really doesn’t want to talk about her (second) marriage in particular even though she knows that’s what everyone is going to want to know about. The way she handled (her ex-husband’s alleged affair) didn’t make her look the best, so it makes sense as to why she wouldn’t want it brought up. Given how public it was though, it is going to be really hard for her to dodge.”

On top of all this boring information, sophomore Housewife Denise Richards also has barely been filming with the cast as she is too busy with other projects. So we have no drama, a newbie who won't talk about her life and a limited amount of Denise.

The actress turned reality star is currently filming The Bold and the Beautiful, two movies entitled Switched and The Secret Lives of Cheerleaders and the sci-fi series FraXtur. Insiders also told Hollywood Life:

“Denise Richards has actually been MIA from filming [Real Housewives] a lot just because she’s so busy filming her other projects. She’s so busy and has so many different projects going on that she accidentally gets her projects mixed up. She’s barely filmed RHOBH so far this season and missed a few events just due to her own acting career which has picked up even more since she signed on for Housewives. The [RHOBH] women love her and are hopeful that she’ll be at more events in the near future.”

If you've ever read anything published on Good Tea, you'd obviously know I'm ecstatic Lisa Vanderpump is no longer in the mix, however, there is nothing else going on at all. The show was boring with LVP and I'm sure it will be just as much of a snooze fest with her gone.

To get this show back on the road, Dorit Kemsley and Rinna need to be their messy selves again, Erika Jayne and Garcelle need to actually show us her lives, Denise needs to start coming to work and we need Brandi back in the mix. But I don't see any of that happening...

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