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Reza Farahan Takes Legal Action Against Mike Shouhed

This has escalated to another level.

We are still waiting on the upcoming season of Shahs Of Sunset to premiere, however, there's been more than enough drama to keep entertained until they make it back to Bravo screens. Former BFFs Reza Farahan and Mercedes Javid have obviously been at odds following the birth of her son earlier this year, however, now Mike Shouhed has found himself at war with Reza too.

Last week, MJ was spotted with her costars, Mike, Nema Vand, and Shervin Roohparvar, and in addition to MJ saying she'll never be friends with Reza ever again, Mike and Nema also revealed Reza had unfollowed both of them amid his feud with Mercedes, and now he's taken his fight with Mike from unfollowing him to threatening to sue him.

Mike took to Instagram with a screenshot of a cease and desist Reza had sent him demanding he take down items of clothing from his website, and threatened further legal action if he doesn't remove it.

Mike has a range of t-shirts with his Shahs Of Sunset's costar's faces on them, however, now that they aren't friends, Reza wants him to stop selling the shirt with his face on it.

Petty much? In the caption under the screenshot of the cease and desist, Mike said Reza could've called him and handled it like adults, instead of taking legal action against his friend.

MJ, who's also not fucking with Reza at the moment, posted her own photo of the cease and desist and captioned it saying "taking legal action on your best friends is really ‘cool'. Just when you thought [he] couldn’t sink any lower, he did!” and encouraged all her followers to buy Mike's merch before it was taken down.

Reza really should've given the cease and desist to Mike Tamra Judge style, instead of sending a fucking email. The t-shirt is also still available for purchase on his website.

Following the online drama, TMZ ran into Mike outside the gym in LA and he said he was taken back with the legal action, considering the merchandise has been on his website for years and that he did, in fact, ask Reza for permission before he even created the t-shirts.

Mike added Reza is only filing a cease and desist against him now because he's upset he didn't take his side after some rumors emerged about him on the upcoming season of the show. Mike also revealed they haven't spoken in a month and that's he's also lawyering up to fight the cease and desist.

I'm #TeamMike in this situation and I'm SO EXCITED for the new season to air. I'm predicting we'll get the trailer at BravoCon and the new season will air in January. Mark my words...

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