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Teresa Giudice Only Reuniting With Juicy Joe For Bravo Paycheck

Believing Teresa and Juicy Joe are still a couple is the Bravo equivalent of believing the earth is flat.

After spending three years in federal prison and months in an ICE detention centre awaiting a verdict in his deportation trial, Joe Giudice was finally allowed to return to Italy while he waits to see if the judge will officially deport him from the United States, which of course means Bravo cameras will be following their every move.

Teresa Giudice announced she and her husband will join Andy Cohen in a Bravo special entitled The Real Housewives of New Jersey Special Event: Joe and Teresa Unlocked, which will air on Oct. 27, where Joe will Skype in from Italy.

According to Hollywood Life, the interview is in addition to Bravo cameras also following Teresa and her daughter's to Italy in early November as they physically reunite with Joe for the first time since he went away. The source explained:

“Though Teresa and Joe won’t be filming their first sit-down in the same room, it’ll be as if Joe will be there in real time with her and Andy. The family is still going to be going [to Italy] together in early November. After Teresa films with Andy, as well as the family reuniting in Italy later this year, she’s planning on being done with filming for a while. She wants a break."

However, the source shares Teresa is only filming the specials for a paycheck and has no interest in reconciling with her husband as they've essentially been living separate lives since he went to prison back in 2016. The close insider to the family told the outlet:

“Teresa honestly doesn’t care about seeing Joe. Everything that she’s doing, she’s doing for show and the kids. Filming the reunion and the sit-down is a job for her. She is the breadwinner right now and sole provider for the family, so she is of course going to take the opportunity to film and get paid to do this. Teresa is ready to come face-to-face with Joe on both occasions and make sure he’s settled in for the kids’ sake and she’s ready to move forward with her life. Once Joe is settled, she can be in America and live her life."

It's no secret this couple's relationship is beyond repair. With Joe away in prison we saw Teresa become an independent woman bringing home the bacon for her children by selling books, filming her reality show and doing club appearances, why would she want to go back to her old life?

We also can't ignore the fact she's been spotted with a younger guy several times, which is set to become a storyline on the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Another insider told the outlet, Joe and Teresa “they don’t act like a couple" anymore, which essentially means their relationship is purely on paper. Teresa admitted she'll stay in America if Joe is deported, so how can you be in a relationship with someone that lives in a different country? The source went onto explain Teresa has moved on from Joe and that their special with Andy will shine some light on their relationship status:

“Everything has changed. Teresa’s entire life has changed. She has moved on. The two of them went through complete hell and at this point, life is not what it used to be. Teresa and Joe are filming [their special] tomorrow [Tuesday, Oct. 22] with Andy. People will have a better perspective of where they are [as a couple] and will have a better perspective when they’re together [in person filming]."

It's been pretty obvious for the last few years that Teresa is DONE with Joe and it's time they file their divorce papers and move on because if the judge allowed Joe to go back to Italy while awaiting the deportation ruling, I think it's pretty clear he won't ever let him back in the United States ever again.

Joe's final deportation hearing is scheduled for November 21, so we'll see what happens then...

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