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Jax Taylor Makes Homophobic Comments Towards A Fan

SUR'S resident pasta vacuum is the worst.

When is Jax Taylor going to learn enough is enough? The Vanderpump Rules star is known for getting into petty fights on social media with his "fans," however, this time Jax took it to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL. Can't he just put his phone down and enjoy his night instead of fighting with strangers over nothing?

This fight is his worst one yet because it literally had nothing to do with Jax. The "fan" in question, who goes by Mike, was replying to the National Hockey League's tweet asking about their jerseys and Mike said they should get a new designer. Out of, literally nowhere, Jax decided to insert his big fat head into the conversation to say "his wife" said the same thing about Mike's profile pic. That is just rude, nasty, vile and completely unprovoked. In case it wasn't clear, Jax is a bully.

Luckily Mike knew how to hit back and tweeted news stories about Jax and Brittany Cartwright's relationship from him cheating on her to their wedding pastor being homophobic and Jax saying he wants Brittany to hook up with girls, with the caption saying Jax shouldn't be throwing stones, which is true. Points for Mike.

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This was one of the longest Twitter battles ever with like 18 tweets, but Jax's comebacks are pretty repetitive. Following Mike's shade, Jax stepped in calling him ugly, saying he had a fat face, that he wouldn't be able to fit into a hockey jacket and to go back to his parent's basement.

He also said Mike is "the type of guy" who pretends to love women but is in his frat is "bending over his roommate Chadd" which is just a dumb, homophobic and ignorant thing to say. Does Jax not realize millions of people can see this bullshit? Haven't we gotten past the point of calling someone gay as an insult?

From here Jax said Mike must've been gay for looking up articles about him on a Friday night, which caused Mike to clap back saying he's actually engaged to a woman he's been with for nine years. Aww, good for Mike.

But of course, that didn't stop Jax who said him (and Brittany) both think she is just Mike's beard and accused him of being a closeted midwestern guy. Also, Brittany can choke too for laughing along with Jax.

Did the reality star also just forget about his gay rumors back in the day? People in glass houses definitely shouldn't throw stones.

I am SO over Jax and Brittany. It's 2019, why the fuck is he still using being gay as a bad thing? Jax sucks and the fact that he randomly attacked someone online who was just responding to SOMEONE'S tweet about hockey jerseys is beyond me. This pasta lover is the worst and anyone with a happy life wouldn't be so vile and bitter for no fucking reason.

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