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Reza Farahan Granted Three Year Restraining Order Against Tommy Feight

This situation just keeps getting worse.

Following Mike Shouhed revealing his former friend Reza Farahan sent him a cease and desist to stop selling merchandise on his website, the Persian reality star is also taking legal action against another one of his costars.

Back in May, Reza and his best friend Mercedes Javid got into a feud after the birth of her son. Reza claims she started a beef with him out of nowhere to remain relevant on the show and he then leaked their private text messages which included information saying MJ would never be able to carry another child again.

This caused her husband Tommy Feight, to trash Reza’s backyard with a baseball bat which (of course) got caught on surveillance footage. Reza then filed a restraining order and pressed charges against his frenemy’s husband who was later sentenced to 10 days in county jail.

Now E! News is reporting that the court has approved Reza’s restraining order and Tommy was ordered to stay 100 yards away for him for the next three years. THREE YEARS?! How are they supposed to film a reality show if a main cast member can’t be in the same room with someone else’s husband?

A “source” told People Magazine, how MJ is handling the situation between her husband and former friend saying:

“Mercedes is happily supporting her husband through this and staying strong for her family.”

This situation is so fucked up and Reza taking legal action against his cast members isn’t going to end well. That just takes everything to a whole other level and makes him look like a petty asshole. It's also not good news for Bravo who can’t even cover this beef during reunions or upcoming seasons because they can’t be in the same room together...

I can’t wait for Shahs Of Sunset’s new season to premiere as it’s been over a year since we’ve seen those flossy Persians on our TV. For everyone asking, my prediction is that’s we’ll get our trailer at BravoCon, with a January premiere date. Reza and MJ hate each other, Reza’s also beefing with Mike (and potentially Nema Vand) and Golnesa is pregnant via IVF, so we have a lot of mess to look forward to in the upcoming season!

Thoughts? Sound off in the comments!

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