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Bethenny Frankel Claims Being A Real Housewife Made It Hard To Be Taken Seriously As A Professional

The Skinnygirl mogul is speaking out.

Back in August Bethenny Frankel revealed she was leaving The Real Housewives of New York City to work on producing new reality TV shows based on women, however, the reality star turned businesswoman is now revealing her role as a Housewife made it harder for people to take her seriously on the producing side of the industry.

While guest co-hosting Entertainment Tonight, Bethenny revealed the networks and production companies, of her two new shows, didn't think she'd be able to keep up with the intense workload producing a reality show entails, however, she had to remind everyone she was on the cover of Forbes and definitely isn't scared of getting her hands dirty. Bethenny revealed:

“The network and the production company looked at me like a housewife and like I wouldn’t be able to keep up. They said, ‘You know these are very serious business people?’ and I said, ‘Uhhh, OK. I’ve been on the cover of a small magazine called Forbes. I might be able to hang, too.’”

However, Bethenny wasn't totally trashing her role on the show that made her famous. The Skinnygirl mogul acknowledged the amazing platform and opportunities she received from being apart of the Bravo reality show, but also said working on shows like Shark Tank, and producing other shows does make it hard to be taken seriously. Bethenny elaborated:

“I do think that having been on the Housewives has brought me so many amazing gifts and such an amazing platform, but at the same [time], it’s hard to go into an arena like Shark Tank, and be taken seriously as a housewife. I somehow always manage to get back to being the underdog. No matter what I do, I get back to being the underdog and I’m comfortable there. I like being in uncharted territory.”

As for the two reality shows Bethenny is currently working on with Mark Burnett, she revealed they're in the "legal paper" stage. The former Housewife said one of the shows she's producing will focus on the "business aspects" and the next chapter of her life, and the other one she won't appear in and is just producing.

In other words: Bethenny is getting ready to make a fuck tonne of money. She also claimed she's finally met her match with her business partner Mark Burnett.

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I totally see what Bethenny's saying. She's grateful for everything the show has done for her over the years, but being known as Real Housewife does make it a little harder to be taken seriously by executives in Hollywood. It's just a fact. While I'm always rooting for Bethenny, I'm not sure if I'll be into either one of her "businesswomen reality shows" but I guess we'll have to wait for a trailer...

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