Emily Simpson & Braunwyn Windham-Burke Slam Each Other's Marriages

Add this to the list of reasons to look forward to the OC reunion.

During her recent appearance on WWHL with Andy Cohen, newcomer Braunwyn Windham-Burke shared her take on Emily Simpson's sad excuse of a marriage and it didn't take long for Emily to clap the fuck back.

On WWHL, Brown Wind said she believed Emily and Shane have an arrangement in their marriage, basically insinuating they agreed to be parents together and nothing more. This completely makes sense given the fact Shane looks at Emily the same way a fat person looks at kale. Braunwyn told Andy Cohen (and the world):

“I think Emily and Shane have an arrangement and that works for them. They are good parents. I think they are a great family. His family is amazing and they both kind of get something out of it.”

Braunwyn seems pretty spot on. Emily and Shane got married after he messaged her on G-chat and they had all their children via surrogate. So if they didn't have a romantic relationship beforehand, it makes sense that they only got together to have kids. Can anyone argue with that? He was a gay Mormon and she was a single woman who wanted children, all the pieces of the puzzle make sense.

Emily quickly clapped back to her co-star's comments in an Instagram comment and it's safe to say she wasn't happy. The sophomore Housewife threw shade at Braunwyn's marriage saying a "real" marriage must consist of cheating and threesomes. Wow, she went there. This is the kind of Emily we need ON camera. Looks like the one thing Gina Kirschenheiter and Emily can agree on these days is that Braunwyn's marriage involves cheating.

In case you haven't been keeping up with the OC drama, a few weeks ago Gina stated she believed Braunwyn's husband had cheated on her in the past which is why she agrees to have threesomes with him. However, after seeing Brown Wind practically scissor with Tamra on camera, I'm starting to think the threesomes are more Braunwyn's idea...

Who would've thought Brown Wind saying one, semi innocent comment would cause Emily to come THAT hard for her marriage. This reunion is going to be gold and I cannot wait. Bravo, bring it the fuck on.

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