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Ramona Singer & Margaret Josephs Got Into Fight During BravoCon

It wouldn't be a Bravo event if the Singer Stinger wasn't an asshole to someone.

BravoCon is officially over, however, over the last weekend Bravolebrities from across the country flew into New York City to attend the network's first-ever convention and with all those big personalities in one room, some of them were bound to bump heads.

During a live podcast recording of Everything Iconic with Danny Pellegrino at the event with Margaret Josephs and Kelly Dodd, the Marge spilled some tea about her run-in with Ramona Singer earlier that day. According to the women, some of the Housewives were getting their hair and makeup done together for the event, when Ramona decided to be a bitch to the Marge.

Margaret had to be ready earlier so she needed her glam done first, however, Ramona swooped in and tried to steal her seat. Would you expect anything else from the Ramona Coaster? The New York Housewife then went on to tell Margaret she's happy she no longer has her pigtails and made fun of her hair color, saying it's almost grey.

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Marge, of course, clapped back saying Ramona's nude pantyhose went out of style in the 80s, which caused Ramona to pull up her dress to show the pantyhose, and everyone got a flash of the OG Housewife's vagina. This is why Bravo needs to strap a go-pro to these women because they are always wreaking havoc, even if it's in a hotel room getting their hair blown out.

Listen to Danny's podcast HERE to hear Kelly and Marge spill the tea about the spat with Ramona at the 14-minute mark. You'll thank me later.

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