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Shane Simpson Failed The Bar (Again)

Turns out the second time, is not the charm.

This season on The Real Housewives of Orange County, cast member Emily Simpson's husband was MIA while studying for the California bar exam, which we all know he failed after the February results were published in May.

Emily revealed her husband, Shane Simpson, took the exam again in July and those results were due to be released in November and drum roll... he didn't pass that one either. Shane's name is missing from the July 2019 California Bar Examination Pass List published on November 17, which means he failed once again.

During the OC Housewives panel at BravoCon, Emily revealed Shane wouldn't look at whether or not he had passed, she explained:

“He should have gotten them but he won’t look. I can’t figure out if he’s waiting for me to come home. He had a rough time the last time [he took the test], so I don’t know if he’s avoiding looking or he knows he messed up.”

Moments after Emily stated her husband was avoiding looking at the results, a fan took to the microphone and revealed the bar exam results were made public, however, the lawyer turned party planner said she'd wait until she got home to see whether her husband passed or not. Of course, she didn't have the luxury to wait until she arrived back in the OC because Shane's results went viral after the panel.

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Not to play devil's advocate, but the California bar exam is one of the most difficult to pass in the United States as close to 70% of the people who took the February exam failed the test. So, Shane isn't alone in all of this. Even though Shane hasn't passed the bar in California, he is an active lawyer in Utah. Maybe he and Emily can move back to Salt Lake City and join the new Housewives franchise full of Mormons?

During the panel, Emily said she wouldn't be surprised if Shane didn't pass the bar because he was going through a rough time while studying for the test, however, she stated he's preparing to take the test (for a third time) at the beginning of 2020.

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