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Jax Taylor Feuding With Perez Hilton

Can you think of a more random "celebrity" feud?

Just when you thought Jax Taylor had gotten into a Twitter war with every D-List celebrity under the sun, he decided to start a fight with gossip blogger, Perez Hilton. Who would've thought? I don't care for either one of these loose cannons, however, Perez knows how to throw shade better than an Atlanta Housewife.

Let's break down what had happened.

Perez posted a TikTok making fun of YouTuber Trisha Paytas who evidently has an emotional breakdown on her channel every two to three weeks, so anyone that knows Trisha is aware of this. Perez decided to poke fun at her crying and posted the clip online, which somehow ended up in the hands of Jax.

After watching the TikTok, Jax took to Twitter to say Perez is the last person who should make fun of someone else's looks. Of course, the Vanderpump Rules star didn't stop there. He called the blogger a complete idiot, insulted his looks some more and finished his rant claiming he doesn't even know who Perez is.

I'm confused. If he doesn't know who Perez is, why would Jax randomly attack his looks on Twitter? Does Jax even know who Trisha Paytas is? I would like to respect Jax's justice warrior mission to stand up against Perez for making fun of people, however, this is more of a pot calling the kettle black kind of situation...

Jax also tweeted WWHL, asking what the gay community would think of Perez's TikTok. Um? Why does he have to get the entire community and Watch What Happens Live involved? The reality star turned pasta enthusiast has had enough trouble with the gay community lately, so he's the last person who should reference it in a Twitter war.

Of course, Perez decided to clap the fuck back. The blogger posted an Instagram photo of Jax's mugshot and captioned the picture claiming he hasn't talked about anyone's physical appearance since 2010 and brought up the hypocrisy of Jax attacking his looks.

Perez then passive-aggressively thanked Jax for promoting his TikTok and said we shouldn't attack the reality star, but instead have "compassion for those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction."

Wow. Shots fucking fired. Say what you want about Perez, and the world has said a lot, but he knows how to throw some shade, especially by referencing Jax's PASTA addiction. The blogger didn't stop there, after Jax posted about him on his Twitter and Instagram accounts, Perez suggested the rumors of Jax being bisexual were true but said he wouldn't get with him because he doesn't want his STDS.

Holy shit. Perez just didn't hold back, from accusing him of being a drug addict to saying he has STDS. This was an online war I didn't know I needed, so as horrible as the two of these people are, let's thank them for giving us some entertainment on a slow Tuesday.

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