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Teresa Giudice Says RHONJ Would End Without Her

Someone needs to deflate this woman's ego.

Is anyone else sick of The Real Housewives of New Jersey being "The Teresa Show"? Teresa Giudice's prison storyline is so overly played out and boring, yet the producers keep editing her to be the focus of the show.

We get it, both her and Juicy Joe went to prison and he may be deported. It was juicy and explosive even the news first broke, but now their storyline is just stale and sad. However, being the last standing OG on the franchise and having her legal drama constantly be the main storyline of the series, has made Teresa's ego bigger than her Jersey hair.

According to Us Weekly, Teresa unapologetically spoke about why she is the star of the show at the Ultimate Women’s Expo in New Jersey on Sunday, November 3, and said the Jersey franchise would end if she ever left. Ugh. Does this woman hear herself speak? Teresa said:

“Do I see myself [leaving the show]? No. Because hello, what’s my name? Teresa Giudice. I’m the OG. If I leave, I think it’s not going to be a show anymore. Not like... I mean, it’s kind of all about me, unfortunately. Not that I even wanted it about me, and I don’t.”

Does she have one shred of self-awareness left? That was one of the worst quotes I've ever read and that says a lot. Teresa also said she goes back on forth when deciding whether or not to leave the franchise, which is total and utter bullshit. Does anyone actually believe that? T

eresa stays on the show for a paycheck and if she wasn't a Housewife, she'd be on welfare in 2.5 seconds. It's her only source of income so there's no way the jailbird has ever thought about leaving the show.

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She was also asked if she regrets doing the reality show considering all her legal drama which came out in the press as a result of being a public figure, however, she gave a dumb, PR friendly answer that her makeup artist obviously told her to say while she was getting ready that day. Teresa explained:

“‘Should I have done it, should I have not done it?’ It’s a hard question. Listen, I guess God brought it to me for a reason, because I didn’t sign on the dotted line right away. It took me, like, 11 months to say yes to do it. So it’s like, I did think about it almost a year, and then finally I did it.”

Teresa sucks more than a whore on spring break. This is an ENSEMBLE show and if the franchise was just starring Teresa nobody would watch because her deportation storyline isn't enough to keep this show alive. Margaret Josephs, Jackie Goldschneider and even Jennifer Aydin are keeping this show fresh and if Tre left the franchise everything would be just fine, in fact, I'd prefer it if Bravo said bye-bye to Teresa.

I'd rather watch Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita over Teresa and her narcissistic personality any day of the week.

Thoughts? Sound off in the comments!

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