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Dolores Catania Claims Ramona Singer's Bad Behavior Is Due To Physical Abuse

This Jersey girl is not holding back...

There are few things I love as much as a crossover Housewives feud and Dolores Catania is not letting Ramona Singer get away with any of her shit. Can we just combine the New York and Jersey Housewives already and call it a day?

The two women's beef started after Ramona refused to take a photo with Dolores' ex-husband Frank Catania when he appeared on WWHL with the Singer Stinger (which they discussed during "Squash That Beef" at BravoCon), however, Dolores is now revealing that Ramona ALSO refused to take a picture with her.

During her appearance on the Out In The Wild podcast, the New Jersey Housewife spilled the tea on her rude run-ins with Ramona. Dolores revealed Ramona ran out of a picture at a David Burke event because Dolores was in the photo (a year BEFORE she did the same thing to her ex-husband) and explained what happened the next time she saw her:

"She made me feel bad for a second, I was like who the fuck [does she think she is?] Fast forward, I see her at another David Burke event and she comes up to me and says "Hi, I'm Ramona." And I say, "we've met. Do me a favor, don't fucking forget who I am again." She said I'm sorry, I don't remember you. I go, "I don't want you to remember me, it's about being nice to people. I don't like what you did to me last time, do remember who I am now and don't do it again." She was like, "I don't want any trouble with you, I'm very sorry..." I said "I know who you are and you're gonna fucking remember who I am now."

Wow. Paterson Dolores came out in full force against the Ramona Coaster. Seriously, Bravo just needs to combine their tri-state franchises because the Jersey women cross-pollinating with New York girls would be nothing short of iconic.

After going off on Ramona for her rude behavior multiple times, something clicked in Dolores where she realized Ramona must've been physically abused as a child. She shared:

"I was going off on her, more than once, something hit me one time. I realized that she wouldn't look me in the eye. You know how some things just hit you? I said to my boyfriend, she was an abused kid. I saw it in her face. It just hit me and I realized, she was abused. Because, [typically], after someone gets as heated as I get, the next thing is, someone's going to hit you. If you've ever been hit before, you know you're getting hit next. She wants me to go away [after these run-ins], she doesn't want to fight with me, she doesn't want to engage, and only somebody that's been hit before knows to walk away from it and to not look me in the eye."

So, Dolores is saying the OG New York Housewife avoids conflict with her because she doesn't want to be hit, because she was hit as a child?! Ramona has spoken about her rough upbringing on The Real Housewives of New York City several times as an excuse for her shitty ways, however, she's never revealed if the abuse turned physical or not.

Dolores further explained her theory saying:

"I heard recently [that she is open about the abuse she faced with her father.] The show [RHONY] should dwell on it, because that is everything she is. She can't help what she is, and she can't help what she does to people. She is what I call "a cracked egg." It's not fixable. It's amazing she's gotten this far, but people are intrigued by this behavior [the rudeness and dismissiveness to other Housewives, fans etc.] But now, I'm not as intrigued now that I know where it comes from. Now I get it.

That wasn't all, Dolores also thinks Ramona should delve deeper into her abuse on the show as that's what they're paid to do. She stated:

"I've known people like her because I worked with abused kids. So, they should really delve more into her life because there's more to it. I don't know what kind of abuse she said she had, but I can tell you she was hit a lot. [After it was confirmed on the show] I was like, that wasn't a little case of abuse. That was years and years. I think they should make her talk about it, that's what we sign up for."

Dolores definitely has a point. Now the ball is in Ramona's court...

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