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Jill Zarin Brought To Tears After Ramona Singer Snubbed Her

Someone explain to me why Mrs. Zarin Fabrics isn't on the show?

Anyone who asks "are the Housewives really like that in real life" only needs to spend 10 minutes in the presence of Ramona Singer to get an answer to that question. The Ramona Coaster isn't just verbally abusive, rude and elitist while filming The Real Housewives of New York City, no no, she's like that 365 days of the year and nobody knows this more than Jill Zarin.

Although Jill hasn't been a Housewife in almost a decade, she and Ramona give updates on their relationship to the press every few months, and they are nothing short of fascinating. They're either posting photos with each other in the Hamptons or talking about how much of a bitch the other is on a podcast, so their latest run-in shouldn't surprise anyone.

According to Radar Online, by coincidence, both OG New York Housewives just happened to be in London at the same time, in the same restaurant. Jill and her friend, Juliet Angus, from Ladies Of London, were hanging out with some stars of the UK reality show, Made in Chelsea, at a London restaurant when Ramona suddenly showed up.

When Jill saw Ramona arrive, the source (who is definitely Jill herself) claims she ran over to invite her to her table, however, the Stinger Singer turned the other way and ignored her. It really takes a lot of energy to be so cold and rude to someone you've known for over 10 years, but I guess that's why Ramona still has a job. The insider explained:

“Jill ran into Ramona and Ramona was a total bitch to her. Ramona walked in and Jill was excited to see her. Jill and Ramona have been friends for years and Jill was thrilled to see her walk in. However, Ramona was not thrilled to see Jill. Jill walked over to Ramona to say hello and wanted to invite Ramona to sit at her table. They made eye contact and Ramona turned her back and started walking the other way.”

Ramona's snub apparently caused Jill to tear up in the middle of the restaurant, which she quickly got over. If only Bravo cameras were rolling to see this dramatic situation go down. The source shared:

“When Jill caught up with Ramona, Ramona completely ignored her and acted like she didn’t know her. Jill was visibly upset and was tearing up as she turned around and walked back to her table. Jill and Ramona have been through a lot together so of course she was saddened that Ramona completely and deliberately ignored her in London. But she quickly shrugged it off. At the end of the day, Ramona is rude to everyone and Jill is apparently no exception.”

By all accounts, both women were in a good place with each other the last time anyone checked, however, Ramona's snub could be a result of Jill recently revealing that Ramona's ex-husband Mario Singer once pushed her at a Hamptons party.

Oh, and in the same interview she also brought up that Mario got his mistress pregnant back in 2013 and paid for the abortion... maybe that had something to do with the snub.

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