Brandi Redmond Already Feuding With A RHOSLC Cast Member

You know you're a problematic Housewife when you're already feuding with someone from another franchise before your show has even aired.

During BravoCon, Andy Cohen announced that a new franchise, The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, would be coming to us in 2020, and it seems like one of their cast members is already proving why she's on the show, by sparking an Instagram war with Dallas Housewife Brandi Redmond.

Let me break this beef down for you. During a recent episode of Brandi's podcast, Weekly Dose of BS, which she shares with Stephanie Hollman, both ladies were discussing the upcoming SLC franchise with their producer, when Brandi revealed one of the cast members on the show is renting a house that her friend owns.

While Brandi made it clear she had no idea which lady was renting her friend's Utah home, she did explain that the SLC Housewife recently moved into the house, which sits on a golf course and revealed the neighboorhood's HOA was not happy with the Bravo show filming in their community.

Now, that's what we call some juicy behind the scenes tea. Call me an idiot, but I really don't understand why renting is so frowned upon in the Housewives universe? Can someone explain it to me? If the house looks onto a golf course then the rent itself is still going to be high as fuck, so I'm not exactly understanding the rental shade.

The unknown Housewife who Brandi was talking about identified herself as Jen Shah, who is one of the ladies currently filming the first season of the Utah franchise. If there's one thing you don't accuse a Housewife of it's renting, and Jen proved exactly why she was cast for the show after she dragged Brandi on Instagram.

The rookie Housewife took to social media to tell the world she owns 4 homes, an apartment in New York and only rents the Shah Ski Chalet over the winter, which is what Brandi was referring to.

This Utah bitch is coming in a little too hard for my liking. First of all, Brandi didn't even name her, so she just told on herself, and second, no cares if you rent. We don't even know who you are yet.

Of course, this Housewives feud didn't stop there. Jen also said Brandi, "her red hair and her bullshit" are about to get a taste of the "SHAH SQUAD" which sounds dangerous... What is up with people from Utah acting like they're from the hood? First Lala Kent and her gangster Utah accent, and now this girl Jen?

The Utah Housewife also told the world she has hot sauce and vaseline in her bag before telling Brandi to stay out of her zip code. All these Instagram comments seem aggressive and unnecessary as fuck after Brandi literally just hinted at an unnamed woman renting her friend's house. Jen needs to sit down, take several seats and pick her battles, which preferably should be with her own cast.

She ended her rant by posting a screenshot of her flight to Dallas, saying "see you in the morning" and then posted a video of rugby players doing the haka, saying that's what's going to happen when the "SHAH SQUAD" arrives in Dallas.

What the actual fuck? Was the trip to Dallas already planned? Is she flying their exclusively to fuck Brandi up over this renting drama? This all seems way too thirsty to me, but hey, I'm just reporting the news...

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