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Shannon Beador Wants To Grill Alexis Bellino Over Ex-Husband Jim's Lawsuit

I'm going to be 85 by the time this lawsuit ends.

Everyone with a Bravo subscription is familiar with this story. Jim Bellino sued Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador for defamation after they made comments about him on a podcast. Shannon's lawsuit was dismissed and the judge ruled for Jim to pay her attorney fees of $138,000.

However, she's still in court trying to chase up the money he owes her after she claims he hasn't given her a dime.

According to The Blast, Shannon and her lawyer are requesting Jim hand over his financial statements, bank records, and information on his property and assets to the court, in order to get her money. That's not all. The Real Housewives of Orange County star also slapped a lien against Jim’s $4 million mansion, which allows her to collect the $138k if the property is sold.

If Jim doesn't show up to court with all his financial information in March, he could face being found in contempt of court, which won't do him any favors.

Jim isn't the only Bellino Shannon is going after in court documents. The QVC frozen fish connoisseur also wants to depose his ex-wife (and former RHOC) Alexis Bellino in court, according to court documents, as she believes Jesus Jugs has "unique knowledge" on Jim's financial information and assets.

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Shannon's documents also state that Alexis is paid $10,000 a month in spousal support by her ex-husband, which means she has key information about his financial state to help Shannon's case. She also wants to grill Jim's current girlfriend, Shannon Ambuehl, under oath as Shannon believes she also has knowledge of his financial condition as she lives with him.

Let's all say a little prayer that Shannon gets her money because the only thing worse than an asshole suing you, is an asshole not paying you back the money he was ordered to.

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