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Why Brandi Glanville Decided To Out Her Alleged Lesbian Affair With Denise Richards

I literally cannot get enough of this lesbian tea.

Everyone with a Bravo addiction and internet access knows about Brandi Glanville's alleged affair with Denise Richards which is set to be the main storyline of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' tenth season, however, now we have some intel on why Brandi decided to spill the beans about Denise flicking her bean.

According to Hollywood Life, Brandi was upset after Denise denied that their hookup ever happened, so Brandi took matters into her own hands and told her reality TV costars (and the world). A source close to production told the outlet:

“Brandi was really upset that Denise denied their hookup, which is why she began speaking up about it. She confronted Denise at a party at Kyle Richards' house and Denise was a bit afraid of what Brandi was going to say when she sat everyone down."

Apparently Denise's fear that Brandi would tell everyone their secret caused the actress turned reality star to cut Brandi out of her life, which angered the former Housewife and caused her to tell everyone. The source continued:

“[Brandi] felt like Denise cut her out of her life out of nowhere and made her look like a liar, so she was upset which is why she spoke out. Brandi will not hold back at all this season.”

Has Brandi ever held back? This is proof of why you never go on a reality show unless you want all your skeletons to come flying out of the closet. Pun definitely intended. According to the source, their alleged lesbian affair went on for months during 2019 and even while they were filming season 10.

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Can you imagine filming a reality show, having sex with a messy ex-cast member on the side and not thinking it would come out one day? Is Denise smoking crack because that's the only plausible excuse for her to be so naive.

Brandi still claims they had sex, while Denise firmly denies anything ever happened between the two. You can't be half pregnant, clearly someone is lying and I think it might be the person who used to be married to Charlie Sheen...

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