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Ali Ashouri Files Restraining Order Against Reza Farahan

Another day, another Shahs legal drama!

This season of Shahs Of Sunset has been more dramatic than a Shakespeare play, so another legal mess is nothing for this crew. In case you haven't been keeping up with the flossiest Persians in LA, I've got you covered after I had a long and traumatic Shahs binge watch marathon last night.

Let me break it down. Mercedes Javid's friend Ali Ashouri accused Reza Farahan's husband of sexual harassment in the form of gross pornographic text messages, Reza then threw water at him and attempted to beat him up in a fit of rage. Then rumors surfaced that MJ told Ali to confront Reza in the first place.

This caused Reza to post MJ's personal medical history on Instagram, including a text which stated her uterus had been removed after childbirth so she couldn't have another child.

MJ's husband Tommy Feight retaliated by vandalizing Reza's backyard which caused Reza to take out a restraining order and vandalism charge against Tommy, which resulted in MJ's husband spending 10 days in LA County Jail. Confused yet?

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Now, MJ's friend Ali who accused Reza's husband of cheating and sexual harassment has now filed a restraining order against the formerly moustached reality star. According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Ali filed a civil harassment restraining order against Reza on April 17 in the Los Angeles County Court.

The documents didn't state why Ali is seeking protection from Reza, however, the video footage of Reza trying to beat him up is a pretty clear indication of why Ali wants a restraining order. Or maybe he's just being petty, either way I'm living for the drama.

Who would've thought this season of Shahs would be full of restraining orders and criminal charges? Not me. I have no idea how this crew is going to go forward and with only two episodes left until the season finale, Bravo need to film a reunion QUICK so we can catch up with these dramatic Persians and hopefully see some Rezalutions. Get it?

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