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Kris Jenner Allegedly Ended KUWTK After Kim Kardashian & Kylie Jenner Threatened To Quit

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The Kardashian tea just keeps on coming...

Following the Kardashian family's announcement that their reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians would end after 20 seasons, the internet has been plagued with rumors about why they decided to pull the plug.

Since the news broke, people have claimed the show is ending because the family asked E! for more money who said no due to the network's struggling financial situation, that the family is gearing up to sign a streaming deal which would make them WAY more money and that they all collectively decided to call it quits, however, now a source is claiming it's Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner's faults.

According to The Sun, the potential conclusion of their show has been causing drama amongst the family for months, with Kim wanting to quit the show due to all the recent drama with her husband Kanye West.

The rapper apparently doesn't want to put any of his personal issues on the show, and due to the media storm his "presidential campaign" has created, it would be hard for Kim to avoid the topic while filming. (I think she also doesn't want to have another divorce on camera). The "close source" revealed:

“The family have been locked in an ongoing debate over the future of the show for months now. Kim has all the drama with Kanye West going on - he’s refusing to put anything personal on the show, and it’s increasingly difficult for Kim to find time to film the show."

Kylie also allegedly wanted to quit the show because she doesn't need it anymore. The 23-year-old billionaire has literally created an entire lip kit empire and the last thing she needs to do is air her boring life out on reality TV, even though she barely made appearances anyway. The source continued:

“Kylie is making billions of dollars through her make-up line and product endorsements - she doesn’t need the show, and like Kendall, has always struggled with fame and being in the spotlight. Filming the show meant having to be in LA with her family - now is free to fly off on holiday, or follow [baby daddy] Travis Scott on his next tour.”

If this tea is true, that would make Kim and Kylie the latest family members to quit the show, after Kourtney Kardashian stopped filming earlier this year because she felt the show had become "a toxic environment."

Um, you're getting paid millions of dollars to sit in your mansion and talk shit while wearing tracksuits and a full face of makeup, how toxic can it be? No doubt she would be thrilled the show is finally over.

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The source reported that the only members of the family who are sad about the show's demise are Khloe Kardashian and Scott Disick. Khloe will definitely be fine because she's made more than enough money from this empire, but Kourtney's baby daddy needs his KUWTK paycheck more than a diabetic needs insulin. The insider explains:

“The only people who are upset are Khloe, and Scott Disick. Khloe’s tried to launch several spin-off shows - but none of them have been as successful as KUWTK. And who knows how Scott will make money now the show is being cancelled - he loves flying in private jets and being treated like an A-list star. I can’t see him flying commercial or paying his own way.”

Earlier this week Kris Jenner revealed that Khloe had been crying nonstop since they announced the show's end.

The "family friend" (it's definitely Jonathan, duh) noted that the family obviously doesn't need to make money from the show anymore, however, it was the sizable amount of family members leaving that show that caused it to end, they stated:

“The ratings have been falling for ages and they’re such huge stars, they don’t need the show to make money - but ultimately it was Kim’s decision to take a break and Kylie and Kourtney’s exits that meant it ended," with a second insider claiming it was a “full family decision, not made by one person”.

Whatever the case, the show is ending and with the exception of Khloe and Scott, everybody seems like they're finally ready to move on from this chapter of their lives, however, if there's more money in the streaming game then Kris and the girls will definitely milk every last cent they can...

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