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The TRUTH Behind Denise Richards' RHOBH Exit

PHOTO: Bravo

The cats out of the bag.

Last Wednesday, the news broke that Denise Richards was leaving The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills following a scandalous season that revolved around her (alleged) affair with Brandi Glanville. Now we are finally getting some details about what lead to the actress' exit from the reality show.

Let's go through the list.

According to Entertainment Tonight, the actress turned reality star turned big dick lover decided to not return to the show as she found the group "too toxic" to be around. An additional source added that the other women weren't surprised to hear that Denise would not be back as it was "obvious she was not getting along with the women." Um, you think?

We got a glimpse of Denise trying to do damage control through the press this season, so clearly her PR team leaked this juicy tidbit to the press to try and make it seem like Denise left on her own accord when that probably wasn't the case...

In fact, Watch What Happens Live host and executive producer of the Real Housewives, Andy Cohen revealed this week that Denise was in negotiations to come back to the show next season but they couldn't meet an agreement. In other words, Denise fucking Richards wanted more money and Bravo said no.

During an appearance on People TV's Reality Check, the Bravo boss admitted that he was upset they couldn't agree on a deal for season 11, meaning Denise was in talks to come back to the show but probably wanted more money given the fan praise she received this season. Andy confessed:

“I’m just upset we couldn’t reach an agreement for next season. I’m kind of living in that sadness. We were negotiating a deal with her and we couldn’t reach an agreement on the deal.”

When asked about whether or not he believes Denise and Brandi hooked up he, of course, gave a very neutral answer as he always does but alluded to the fact that if they did have sex he believes Denise didn't want to reveal it on the reality show because of her family. In other words, he believes they fucked. He explained:

“She is answering her truth and listen, also, she has a family and kids. So, I mean, whatever happened or didn’t happen, I would imagine that it’s something that maybe she didn’t really care to discuss on a television show. The problem with the Housewives is once the cat’s out of the bag, it’s hard to put it back. So, that’s the challenge. Once something is out there, it’s out there and a lot of times it gets beat to death."

Of course, Denise's team did a little more damage control in the press, with a "source" telling PEOPLE that she is leaving the show to spend more time with her family. Andy, an executive producer of the franchise, literally admitted that Denise was in talks to come back so all these articles claiming she left on her own is just a PR spin tactic to try and remedy her reputation. The "source" stated:

"Denise is excited to be home from Spain with her husband and children. Filming in Spain has been wonderful as the only pot being stirred is their incredible Spanish food. The Bold and the Beautiful is her second concurrent acting gig so she was looking to replace RHOBH with time loving her amazing husband, children and who knows, maybe even friends now. She took her 3 productions down to 2 so now she can enjoy her family more as well."

At the end of the day, Bravo and Denise's team had negotiations about her returning the show, she probably wanted more money, they said no and she walked. I don't think she cared if she returned either way but if there was more money in it for her, of course, she would've spent another four more months around these bitches just to cash another big check.

Denise was definitely ready to go, but the idea that she quit the show is definitely bullshit. She also tried to sue the network and her costars and when you do that, you know there's always a small chance you'll would be back...

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