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Kenya Moore Feuding With Porsha Williams After Accusing Her Of Using BLM Activism As A Storyline

PHOTO: Bravo

The drama is brewing in the ATL.

For the past few months, The Real Housewives of Atlanta have been filming during the COVID-19 pandemic. Although NeNe Leakes hasn't officially announced her departure from the show she won't be back and next season is set to star Kandi Burruss, Cynthia Bailey, Kenya Moore, Porsha Williams, and two new additions LaToya Ali and Drew Sidora.

This upcoming season is also set to feature Porsha's activism work for the Black Lives Matter movement after she was arrested twice for peaceful protesting, however, it seems like some cast members believe the former street fighter is using her newfound activism for clout and a storyline for the show.

In a recent Instagram post, a fan commented suggesting that Porsha is only doing this activism work for the show, and her former nemesis Kenya took the opportunity to comment a shady eye emoji, obviously because she agreed with the follower and wanted to start some shit with Porsha.

The Atlanta Housewife, who previously believed that the underground railroad was an actual train, saw Kenya's shadiness and clapped back saying she should be ashamed of herself for bringing attention to the troll's comment.

Porsha accused Kenya of only leaving the comment so that blogs and fans would pick up on the idea that she's only raising awareness for the BLM movement for a storyline. She also said Kenya should be supporting her in this journey rather than talking shit about it, which is typical Housewives verbiage.

In no time, Kenya's fingertips twirled out a bitchy response to Porsha, which definitely means we'll be seeing this feud play out next season. Miss Gone With The Wind Fabulous said she would only support REAL leaders of the movement and implied that Porsha isn't "real" on and off-camera.

Kenya also took this opportunity to spill some tea that Porsha (allegedly) said she would beat Eva Marcille and Kandi's asses with that girl over there (NeNe) after Kandi privately shared "big change @Bravo for us ALL."

I'm not sure what she's referring to but I guess Kandi shared some Bravo tea with the girls which caused Porsha and NeNe to say they wanted to beat her up? I'm so confused and I really need Kenya to follow up on this, but I guess that's what RHOA is for...

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She ended her rant by saying she's shown nothing but love to Porsha for three years on and off camera before saying she saw the real Porsha at the reunion and told her to come at her about this drama next time they film together since everything she does is for the cameras.

Porsha has definitely been known to fake storylines for the show (baby nup and baby vegan, anyone) and of course, a small part of her is probably pushing this activism for the cameras, however, if promoting the Black Lives Matter movement on a highly rated reality show can evoke some real change across the country then it doesn't matter where Porsha's motives are coming from.

At least we have one thing to look forward to next season...

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