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Bravo Allegedly Offered To Pay For Dorinda Medley To Go To Rehab Before Firing Her

PHOTO: Bravo

This story is messy as fuck.

A few weeks ago Dorinda Medley announced she would be not be returning The Real Housewives of New York City next season. Some reports claimed she was let go because she's an "angry drunk" and now we're getting even more tea about that rumor.

According to Celeb Magazine, a source claims Bravo offered to pay for Dorinda to go to rehab before the beginning of season 13, however, she declined and was subsequently let go. I didn't know Bravo had the service available? If that was the case half of the Vanderpump Rules cast should've been given a free rehab coupon years ago. The "insider" explained:

“Bravo ultimately did end up letting Dorinda go from the show following this season as they felt that the show had been too dark when she was drinking. In their conversation with her, Bravo suggested that they wanted Dorinda to go to rehab like they had Kim Richards do on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – and if she was to go, they would happily pay for it. With that being said, though, Dorinda refused to go to rehab as she doesn’t need it. It wouldn’t make sense for her.”

I wonder if they paid for the Countess to attend rehab too?

The main reason for Dorinda's refusal to go to rehab, aside from that fact that she doesn't think she needs to, is that she didn't want it to become a storyline on the show next season, just like it did with her costar Luann de Lesseps.

Also, it would've been extremely hypocritical for Dorinda's storyline to revolve around sobriety after she's spent the last three years constantly dragging Luann about her mugshot. The source continued:

“She knew that Bravo would want to use this for a storyline due to them paying for it and she knew they’d want to document it. Dorinda is the farthest thing from desperate for camera time - unlike some others - so she certainly wasn’t going to go to rehab (which again, she didn’t need) in order to ‘make it nice’ with Bravo and have them exploit her in this manner."

The outlet's source also pointed out that nobody in Dorinda's everyday life believes she has a drinking problem and that going to rehab is not something she needs to do. So, I guess Dorinda's camp was definitely the one to leak this article... the source went onto claim:

“Anyone who knows Dorinda personally knows that there is absolutely nothing wrong in her day-to-day life and that she is the farthest thing from an alcoholic there is. Like all of her cast mates, Dorinda has fun when filming the show and drinks.

"Sure, she’s drank too much on camera and it shows when she does. Perhaps a side of her comes out that isn’t the nicest and there undeniably is a pain element due to the things she’s gone through in her life. Dorinda also tends to tell it like it is- even when sober- but it comes out a little more aggressively when drunk.”

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Since her exit from the show, rumors have swirled that Dorinda may return to the in a season or two, however, apparently, the Housewife who "makes it nice" isn't on board with the idea of returning to RHONY and feels betrayed by Bravo for asking her to go to rehab and then firing her. The "insider" confessed:

“While Bravo mentioned to her taking a break, Dorinda is not a puppet for the show. She feels like they used her to get some of their best moments and then threw her to the wolves. Why would she ‘take a break’ only to go back? She has a great life and doesn’t need the money. It wouldn’t make sense and in the long run she’ll be happier without the show.”

This new revelation makes total sense, Bravo knew they couldn't bring Dorinda back if she continued her aggressive, confrontational behavior without any resolution because season 13 would essentially feel like groundhogs day. And Dorinda was obviously offended by the offer because she doesn't think she has a problem...

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