Lisa Vanderpump Disses Teddi Mellencamp After RHOBH Firing

PHOTO: Bravo

Finally, something we can agree on...

If you've ever read one of my articles, you probably know that I don't like Lisa Vanderpump, excuse me, Vandercunt, so I was surprised to learn that she has a new podcast entitled All Things Vanderpump.

Everyone and their dog have a podcast so this isn't big news, but I have no idea why LVC thinks people are interested in hearing her talk for an hour each week. However, it seems like she has done at least one good thing with her podcast and that's talk shit about Teddi Mellencamp.

I don't like either of these women, but this story is still juicy as fuck. As you all know by now, Teddi was fired from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after spending the last three seasons showcasing her boring, annoying, and dull personality.

Of course, LVC took this opportunity to discuss Teddi getting the "Housewife Hoof" from Bravo and dissed the a-cunt-ability coach in the process. Lisa commented on her nemesis' firing by saying:

“Teddi Mellencamp got the hoof from [the Real Housewives]. People said it was because she was boring. I certainly didn’t have a good experience with her so boring would be one of the nicer things that I could say. Also, I think there was something of contention about her business, something about 500 calories a day. I don’t know how anybody can survive on 500 calories a day. I guess whatever works for you but apparently it didn’t for everybody.”

Lisa has always been good with her shade. Don't you love how LVC always acts like she doesn't keep up with current Housewife events, when you just know she still gets Google alerts for all her former costars?

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Lisa would've had an orgasm when she saw the controversy surrounding Teddi's "accountability program" and at this point, All In, should really be renamed How To Get An Eating Disorder 101.

Lisa concluded her thoughts on the latest Beverly Hills' dismissal by saying “I wish Teddi Mellencamp all the best, said no one ever” and honestly, it's the most relatable thing she's ever said.

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