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Barstool Sports Daddy Dave Portnoy Says He Saw The Real Housewives of Miami "Reshooting" Scenes

PHOTO: Bravo/Getty Images

Say it isn't so!

If you've ever wondered if The Real Housewives of Miami or any city in the franchise is fake then this article is for you!

The Big Daddy of Barstool Sports, Dave Portnoy, interviewed Snooki and JWOWW from Jersey Shore on this podcast, BFFs, and revealed that he saw the cast of Miami Housewives "reshooting" scenes while filming their fourth season.

During season four, the cast took a trip to the Hamptons and Dave happened to live in the mansion next door to where the women were staying. The media mogul asked the Jersey Shore cast members how scripted their show is and used the Miami Housewives as an example of how fake reality TV can be. Dave told the ladies:

“I have a place in the Hamptons. Next door, they rented a house for Real Housewives of Miami. I was peering through the trees, spying on them. They were redoing scene after scene. I could see them say ‘do it again.'”

Personally, I love The Real Housewives of Miami and it's my favourite show on Bravo at the moment. Hands down! However, the fact that producers force them to redo scenes makes me realise that the Real Housewives, in general, isn't real in any way. It's a sad reality to realise there's nothing real about reality TV. It just goes to show how produced and manipulated these reality shows are.

Following Dave's admission, Snooki stepped in saying "yeah, Housewives is totally scripted" and said the only produced facet of their show, Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, is that producers will have a say in where they vacation but they would never, ever reshoot a scene.

Miami may be the GOAT of the Housewives franchise for 2023 but hearing that they "reshoot" scenes is making me rethink any authenticity I thought this show had to begin with. I'm not surprised, just disappointed. It's like finding out Santa Claus isn't real!

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