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How Kim Kardashian REALLY Feels About Kanye West's New Marriage


Another day, another krazy Kanye story!

For the last few years, we've all witnessed Kanye West's insanely public mental breakdown. He told the world his daughter North was supposed to be aborted, declared his love for Adolf Hilter and even ran for president, but now he can add a surprise wedding to his list of manic episodes.

Last week, Hitler's biggest fan allegedly got married to Bianca Censori, a designer who previously worked for him. The two honeymooned in Utah and Kanye was papped wearing a gold band on his left ring finger. It's unknown whether or not the wedding between the two was legally binding or just a ceremony, however, insiders are revealing how Kanye's ex-wife Kim Kardashian feels about the nuptials.

According to Hollywood Life, Kim couldn't care less about Kanye's recent antics and is focused on being a good mother to their four children. The source revealed:

“Kanye did not tell Kim prior to getting married, so she does not know either way if this was legal but she is hearing that it was just a ceremony. She does not care either way and is not giving it any thought."

Kim is a true unbothered Libra queen. If she gave a fuck every time Kanye did something crazy she wouldn't have any time to look after her children, film her reality show, study to become a lawyer and do the 900 other things she does a day.

The ex-couple's divorce was finalised in November, so apart from sharing children with the man, Kim can put Kanye and his bullshit in the rearview mirror - for the most part.

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The insider continued to say that Kim has known the new wife Bianca for years as she used to work for Kanye and that their four kids may have met her during that time. The insider shared:

"Kim does not care what he does with his romantic life, as long as he keeps up his duties as a father to their kids. Kim has known Bianca for several years, as Bianca started working with Kanye while he was still married to Kim. The kids may have met her while she was working with Kanye, as she was at several work-related events that Kim was also at.”

Say what you want about her but Kim is a saint for putting up with Kanye's bullshit. Anyone else would be pulling their hair out every time he spews crazy shit out of his mouth but somehow Kim manages to keep it together and not give him the attention he's desperately seeking.

How long does everyone think this "marriage" is going to last? Sound off in the comments!

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