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Jax Taylor & Brittany Cartwright Moving To Florida?

PHOTO: Bravo

Why is this SO on brand for them?

Nearly two years after "leaving" Vanderpump Rules, former cast members Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright are allegedly moving to Florida... according to Jax. For a while there's been rumours of the two possibly moving to Kentucky or Florida and although Jax is "confirming" this tea himself, are we supposed to believe him?

In a recent Cameo Jax sent out to a fan he stated he and Brittany would be moving to Clearwater, Florida shortly but that they just had to work out some logistics. If Jax wasn't such a sociopathic liar this would be considered "news" but you never know if he's telling the truth or not. In a month they could still be living in their Valley Village farmhouse and Jax will say "the logistics" fell through.

Jax and Brittany would've lost a shit tonne of money after being fired from Vanderpump Rules and the bulk of their income is now coming from sponsored Instagram posts and Brittany's Weight Watcher commercials, so it makes sense for them to move to a more affordable location.

You can buy a house in Florida for A LOT less than you can in Los Angeles, plus Jax can isolate Brittany away from all her family and friends and gaslight her in the privacy of his own home without people looking out for her best interests. Two birds, one stone.

This whole situation is taking me back to season six when Jax randomly told everyone he was offered a social media job for a hockey team that nobody believed existed. Maybe Jax woke up on the wrong side of the bed and wanted some attention so he made up this lie about moving or maybe they really are relocating to Florida? Who knows but only time will tell.

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In the same cameo, Jax also told the fan he may be selling all his Vanderpump Rules "crap" for charity including the painting he got as a present at his birthday roast. He told the fan:

“All my crap from Vanderpump is in storage. I haven’t even gone through it. I’m sure one of these days I’m going to go through it and get rid of it."

Maybe before his "move" he'll go through his storage crap and sell it all on eBay to the highest bidder. What stuff could he possibly have in there? His chunky sweater? The DVD of Drive he fucked Kristen to? Brittany's self esteem? The bike that used to hang above his bed in his shitty Koreatown apartment? Wine glasses from Sur? The possibilities are endless! I guess we'll find out if or when he ever sorts through it all.

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