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Kelly Dodd Apologizes For "Drunk Wives Matter" Hat And Then Continues To Defend It

This woman truly is a fucking idiot.

Earlier this week at Kelly Dodd's bridal shower, for her wedding that is scheduled for this weekend, The Real Housewives of Orange County star posted a photo in a trucker hat that reads "Drunk Wives Matter" and obviously people are pissed. Although Kelly may think the hat is just a funny joke, it mocks the entire Black Lives Matter movement and is in extremely poor taste.

After all the terrible press Kelly has had this year for her insensitive comments about COVID-19 and the Black Lives Matter protests, you would think she'd at least have the sense not to post such a stupid photo for the world to see, but that would be giving her way too much credit.

Fans clapped back at Kelly's insensitive hat, so of course, she took to her Instagram story to explain away the situation, saying "All Lives Matter" and told anyone who doesn't like her hat to go fuck themselves. How can someone be so fucking stupid that they can't even see why a "Drunk Wives Matter" hat would be so offensive?

That's not all. A group of Bravo fan pages also put together a message announcing they will not be watching or reporting on the upcoming season of OC Housewives because of Kelly's insensitive and racist posts, so naturally, Kelly took to Instagram calling them "whack jobs" and once again used being Mexican as an excuse that she's not racist.

Porsha Willams from The Real Housewives of Atlanta who has been very vocal about the Black Lives Matter movement on social media and even got arrested twice for peaceful protesting, reposted Kelly's photo of the hat and captioned it with a shady emoji. Housewives from other cities are even calling Kelly out publicly, but Bravo isn't...

Following the backlash, Bravo must've called Kelly and told her to apologize for the idiotic post because after her defense of the hat, she posted an "apology" to Instagram. She called the hat a "play on words" and justified it by saying she's a drunk Real Housewife. Her friends could've given her so many other presents that would've poked fun at her being a drunk mess, why a hat that mocks a civil rights movement?

Not long after her forced "apology" Kelly then took to the comments section of that very post, doubling down on how she thinks the hat is a joke and said "these trolls will find anything to get me fired" to a fan who agreed that the hat was no big deal. Clearly, she's not sorry if she's willing to double down and defend the hat five minutes after posting an apology.

Kelly is a fucking moron, this isn't news, however, it's really not that hard to take 30 seconds to understand WHY that hat is offensive. Maybe if Kelly stepped outside her bubble of white privilege for a minute she could realize how hurtful her words are but obviously, she's incapable of any self reflection. Ugh, she's making my head hurt.

Bravo is still yet to comment on ANY of her insensitive comments on social media from the last year from downplaying the coronavirus to saying the pandemic is god's way of thinning the herd.

The upcoming season of OC Housewives is set to air next week and fans are planning on boycotting the show all together, which I obviously can't blame them for because the thought of watching Kelly Dodd on my TV for the next 20 weeks makes me want to cut off my leg and fuck myself with it.

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