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Lenny Hochstein Accuses Lisa Of Turning Their Kids Against Him

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Someone get this man a muzzle!

If the current season of The Real Housewives of Miami has taught us anything it's that Lenny Hochstein is a pig. Although he broke up with his estranged wife, Lisa Hochstein, almost a year ago the two are STILL going at it in court to settle their divorce and it's getting messier than a hoarder's junk draw.

According to court documents obtained by Page Six, Lenny is claiming Lisa is "alienating" his kids against him. The "Boob God" turned philanderer is accusing his ex of "disparaging" him to their children.

One example he gave the judge was Lisa (allegedly) telling their children “your dad wants to take you to be with the woman he’s leaving us for" in regards to an Aspen trip Lenny wanted to take the kids on with his new girlfriend Katharina Mazepa.

Is Lenny an asshole? Absolutely. Is Lisa talking shit about him and his new side piece to their children? Probably! But, if that's the only example Lenny can come up with then his argument is pretty weak. Of course, Lisa denied "disparaging" her ex to their kids and told Page Six:

“My estranged husband continues to share his false perception of reality to the courts. I have now and will always encourage my children to have the best relationship with their father. Having two loving parents will ALWAYS be my priority for my children.”

I'm no lawyer but shouldn't Lisa be retaliating to Lenny's legal claims through the court and not Page Six? This divorce has the potential to outlast Bethenny Frankel's record because both sides are stubborn, obsessed with money and loving all the fame and attention that's coming their way because of it. If you're not looking for clout then you wouldn't issue a statement to a media outlet.

Lenny also accused Lisa of refusing to allow their kids to stay at his apartment because she doesn't want them around his new girlfriend, a claim the reality star actually admitted to, she told the outlet:

“That being said, what kind of mother would I be if I didn’t try to stop my husband’s girlfriend, the self-proclaimed ‘home-wrecking whore,’ from going anywhere near my children."

I understand how Lisa feels in regards to not wanting her kids around a woman who fucked her husband, however, if Lenny's serious about this bimbo they're going to have to meet her at some point. It's a sad, awkward reality but keeping the kids away from Lenny's girlfriend is only going to cause more drama in the long run. This whole divorce is about power plays and it's getting more exhausting than Marysol Patton's alcoholism schtick.

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Lenny is asking the judge to order Lisa to attend counselling and he also wants a cease and desist in place to prohibit her from making "disparaging" comments about him to their children. As I said, this whole ordeal is exhausting and if he's wasting his lawyer's time for this type of stuff then he'll be 85 by the time this divorce is finalised.

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