Michael Darby Caught Grabbing Crew Member's Ass During Resurfaced RHOP Season One Footage

PHOTO: Bravo

I can't believe this was in front of our eyes the entire time.

Last season of The Real Housewives of Potomac revolved around Ashley Darby's geriatric kangaroo of a husband Michael Darby being charged with second degree assault for grabbing the butt of a cameraman, and now a super sleuth fan has discovered another time he did the same thing - on camera.

The internet went crazy after a fan found footage of Michael grabbing a crew member's ass in the background of a scene from season one. During the ninth episode, Charrisse Jackson-Jordan hosted a party for her 50th birthday and while the scene focuses on Karen Huger and her husband, in the background you can see Michael grab the man's butt.

The crew member in question clearly isn't happy with Ashley's husband's advances and pulls away from him as he grabs his ass. This obviously isn't the only time this happened as Michael was charged with second degree assault for (allegedly) grabbing a cameraman's ass during Monique Samuels' baby shower in season four.

This is insane. How has this been sitting under our noses the entire time?! Obviously, this even slipped the editors eyes because if they had noticed this butt grab they would've replayed it countless times for us all to see.

All of Michael's nonconsensual butt grabs mixed with his incessant need to cheat on Ashley, almost every season, just further proves that he really is a piece of shit.

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