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Scheana Shay Explains Why She'll Never Be Friends With Lala Kent Or Stassi Schroeder Ever Again

PHOTO: Bravo

This tea is more entertaining than the entire last season of the show.

A few weeks ago, Scheana Shay spoke out against her former friend Lala Kent after she wasn't invited to her gender reveal and claimed Lala wasn't there for her during her miscarriage and instead chose to have dinner with celebrities.

Lauren from Utah, of course, clapped back in a nasty social media post saying it's impossible to be friends with Scheana and brought up the fact that she fucked John Mayer "100 years ago" which is so irrelevant.

During an appearance on the podcast #NoFilter with Zack Peter, Scheana responded to Lala's recent social media activity towards her which has included that nasty Instagram story, an IG Live and an episode on her podcast dedicated to shit talking about her costar.

Scheana reiterated the fact that all she did was explain why she was hurt by Lala, which was met with hostility by the soon to be mom. Scheana explained:

“My feelings were hurt. I was hurt that I wasn’t invited to her gender reveal and I was just hurt at the way she wasn’t there for me. That was it. I wasn’t trying to come for her character or anything like that. I was just pointing out the fact that I was hurt and she goes and does this Instagram Live and a few people sent me screen records of it and I was like ‘You know, that’s Lala. She goes on Instagram Live rants and whatever. That’s what it is.'”

Scheana also pointed out how in Lala's clap back posts, she lied and when she stated Scheana didn't ask her to come over during her panic attack, or what they should be called in 2020, a pandemic attack, she revealed:

“What pissed me off the most about that situation is that she lied. She said on her live that I didn’t ask her to come over. You think in the midst of my panic attack, when I’m begging you to come over, you just casually mention that you have dinner plans. Why would I even know if you were going to dinner if I didn’t ask you to come over?  You said ‘I can’t right now because I have dinner.' She said she was there for me that day in the same capacity as my mother. The fact that she thinks she is up there with my mom is just a whole new low for her. Good riddance. I unfollowed her.”

After revealing she had unfollowed Lala, Scheana said they'll never be friends again and claimed that for the last three years she feels like she's been forcing herself to have a friendship with someone who constantly hurts her and then apologizes for the cameras. Cameras being the key word here. Scheana said:

“I never see a friendship with her again and I’m completely fine with that because, honestly, for the last three years, I felt myself forcing a friendship with her because every time she hurts me, she feels bad, she begs for my forgiveness (when there’s a camera in her face), and I forgive her. I haven’t wanted this friendship to continue for years and I just keep forgiving you. At this point, I’m done. I don’t have room for that type of fakenesss in my life anymore.”

Good for Scheana for finally cutting Lauren and her negative energy out of her life for good. Everything about Lala whether it's her name, lips, gangster mentality or her on-camera persona are faker than a three dollar bill. Lala doesn't care about Scheana, she cares about looking good on TV, and I'm sure if Vanderpump Rules ever comes back, she'll pull her usual waterworks routine to fool the audience.

Following her declaration that she'd never be friends with Lala again, she also shared an update on her relationship with Stassi Schroeder and it looks like that "friendship" is going down the same path. Apparently, on one of Scheana's recent Instagram stories she read some super supportive messages Stassi had sent her following her miscarriage, which the fired reality star did not like. Scheana explained:

"Right before Jax [Taylor] and Brittany [Cartwright]‘s gender reveal, I get a text from her. Here I am, sharing her private messages again. She said she had no interest in continuing anything more than surface level with me because she was informed I was reading her private messages to strangers. And I’m like, ‘You’re not even going to give me the benefit of the doubt? You’re going to hear something from a stranger, a fan, a Facebook group — whatever — and you’re just like, done?’ So, I was like, ‘You know what Stassi, we’ve been surface level for years. I’m fine continuing that way. I wish you nothing but the best."

You would think given the extremely bad press Stassi has been getting lately (that Tamron Hall interview anyone?) that she'd be grateful towards anyone for showing the world that she's potentially a nice human being, just I guess not, because following the text exchange the two unfollowed each other, Scheana stated:

“I unfollowed her first. She returned the favor. I unfollowed her, which is very ironic, for the exact same thing that I praised her about, being there for me, is the exact same reason we’re not friends anymore. I remember sharing that she sent me a very sweet text and I may have likely read part of her text because it was so sweet."

All these girls have hated Scheana for basically no reason since day one, so without Stassi on the show she has next to no reason to ever communicate with her again and Scheana doesn't need Lala's bullshit in her life anymore either.

Snaps for Scheana for standing up to these mean girls and not buying into their dumb bullshit. How can anyone not be #TeamScheana in this situation? Justice for ScheShu!

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