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Sheree Whitfield Dragged Drew Sidora's Marriage And We Love To See It

PHOTO: Bravo

In the words of Countess Luann: she's startin'

During Sunday's episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta cast members Sheree Whitfield and Drew Sidora faced off over rumours they'd heard about each other from the messy assistant they (allegedly) share. Drew accused Sheree of not paying him and in turn Sheree accused her husband of being gay so I guess you could say it was a shit show. But like always things got even more messy on Twitter.

While the episode was airing, Drew took to Twitter and threw a jab at the resident bone carrier of Atlanta by saying she if she can't distinguish between Spring, Summer or September then she probably can't keep her payroll straight either. Drew's definitely jealous that Sheree even has an iconic meme she can make fun of.

The only memorable thing about Drew you can throw shade about is her marriage and Sheree did just that by saying she can't keep her marriage straight. That's some pretty good shade considering her husband just got accused of being gay. Sheree has always been an All Star Housewife when it comes to reading her costars.

Following this, Drew sent out another tweet saying "KEEP MY HUSBAND'S NAME OUT OF YOUR MOUTH" which just shows how many brain cells she's got left rolling around up there. Bitch, why are you defending your husband on Twitter and not serving him divorce papers? This man publicly humiliates her week after week and yet she's tweeting shit like this.

Of course, Sheree clapped back to this one too telling Drew to keep her finances out of her own mouth and even compared her to a bank teller at Wells Fargo. Please God (AKA Andy Cohen) never take this woman's peach away again. We must protect Sheree's stone fruit at all costs!

Finally, after their back and forth Sheree took another swipe at Drew's sad marriage and said instead of employing three assistants she should put the money towards a marriage counsellor.

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But seriously, Drew needs to clean house in the assistant department and run straight to the therapist or a divorce attorney because these assistants are blowing up her marriage faster than you can say TAMPA.

There's nothing like a good old fashioned Housewives Twitter war and the best news is that this season is just getting started!

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