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Stassi Schroeder Compares The Harry & Meghan Situation To When She Was Cancelled

PHOTO: Glenn Francis/Pacific Pro Digital Photography/Getty Images

Two peas in a pod!

Last month, Stassi Schroeder appeared on Katie Maloney's podcast "You're Gonna Love Me" where the two broke down Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Netflix documentary and Stassi shared how she related to the famous couple.

In the documentary, the couple claimed other members of the royal family gave negative articles about Meghan to the press to deflect attention away from themselves and Stassi being Stassi brought the situation back to herself.

When the former Vanderpump Rules star was being cancelled, news of her pregnancy leaked to the press and during the podcast episode, Stassi revealed she believes someone traded the information to stop their own negative article from being released. She stated:

“I think that’s how my pregnancy was leaked. Do I sound bitter and resentful? Because I keep referencing that time, but I can’t help but reference it because everything Meghan and Harry are saying, it’s like triggering that in me. That’s how I’m relating to so many parts of their story, and so when you talk about trading articles, I’m convinced there was information traded. Someone was gonna get a bad article, a very damaging article about them, and they were like, ‘I have information that I can give you instead: Stassi’s pregnant. No one knows.’ That’s the only thing I can come up with.”

This is how the media works. One celebrity will give an outlet gossip about someone else and in exchange, a negative article about themselves will be scrapped. It's not nice but it's how the media world works.

While watching the doco, Stassi also related to the paparazzi hounding Meghan and judging her depending on her emotions. If you're papped smiling while going through a scandal you're not remorseful but if you're sad you're faking it for attention. You can't win. Stassi spoke about being papped while she was being cancelled and stated:

“There were paparazzi out, and if there was a photo taken of me and I was smiling, people were like, ‘She has no shame. She doesn’t care. She’s not sorry for anything.’ But if there was a photo of me where I looked sad, people were like, ‘Look at her playing the victim. Are we supposed to feel sorry for her?’ It’s like you can’t win either way. [Beau Clark] and I would have these conversations. We’d be like, ‘Do we smile, do we frown, do we look angry? If we don’t smile, we literally look like we’re in a fight. What do we do?’ There’s no way to win.”

Although Stassi's cancellation and the shit storm surrounding Meghan and Harry are obviously not on the same level, it's only human for the reality star to relate to this. When you're in the middle of a media shitstorm all eyes are on you, no matter if you're a disgraced reality star or a member of the royal family.

Someone (*cough* Jax Taylor *cough*) probably did trade Stassi's pregnancy news to stop a negative story about themself coming out and she was followed by the media even if it was for a short period of time, so it only makes sense for her to think about herself while watching the documentary. Especially when she's already someone who thinks about herself a lot of the time, to begin with.

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