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Teresa Giudice Addresses Tamra Judge Comparing Luis Ruelas To Brooks Ayers

PHOTO: Bravo

It's official: Bravo needs to put these two on an Ultimate Girls Trip together!

Earlier this year on an episode of her podcast, Two Ts in and Pod, Tamra Judge was recapping The Real Housewives of New Jersey and compared Teresa Giudice's new beau Luis Ruelas to OC's resident cancer scammer Brooks Ayers.

Now, if you only read Instagram headlines you'd think that was shade but if you actually listened to the podcast you'd know she didn't mean it like that.

While recapping the episode where Luis gifted Teresa that insane scroll full of love bombing red flags, Tamra said it reminded her of Brooks because he was very big on affirmations. That was it. No tea, no shade. However, when the story got back to Teresa she unfollowed the OC Housewife on social media.

During a new episode of Housewife to Housewife, Bravo's digital series where Housewives from different franchises interview each other, Teresa appeared with Alexia Echevarria from Miami and addressed the Tamra situation. When asked which city she'd least want to join, Tre said OC which was obviously shade to Tamra. The table flipper stated:

“I think Orange County. I think Tamra, one time I told her something about Jacqueline. She ran back and told her. And then she, she did just put out something recently, Tamra, which I was like, ‘Really?’ People that put out negative things, I just, like ignore them.”

In Teresa's world you can't say anything slightly questionable about Luis or she'll block you out of her life and consider you an enemy. Does that seem like a healthy relationship? I don't think so. This "beef" really isn't that deep but Teresa has never been a person who has the ability to listen to other people and understand logic, so I'm not surprised she dissed Tamra over something so stupid.

Although both of these women have appeared on RHUGT seasons, we need one of them facing off together because one of the only Housewives in the entire franchise who isn't scared of Teresa would be Tamra mother fucking Judge.

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