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Teresa Giudice & Jackie Goldschneider Feuding Over Cheating Rumors On RHONJ Season 11

PHOTO: Bravo

These two are obviously not meant to be friends...

The upcoming season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey is currently in production during the COVID-19 pandemic and we finally some tea on what drama we can expect from the Garden State ladies.

According to Hollywood Life, Teresa Giudice and Jackie Goldschneider found themselves at odds for their third season in a row and it sounds like they had their worst fight yet. An insider told the outlet that both women exchanged insulting digs about their families and Teresa even went as far to accuse Jackie's husband of cheating on her. The source explained:

"They both said some things that they shouldn’t have, both of which were personal digs involving their families. Jackie was initially upset because Teresa said [her husband] Evan [Goldschneider] was cheating on Jackie. Then, they got together to resolve that, but then, Jackie put gasoline on the fire by digging into Teresa and Teresa’s fiery personality took over and things between them got worse.”

Wow. It really is rich for the table flipper to accuse anyone of being unfaithful after everything that went down in her clusterfuck of a marriage. Following her drama with Teresa, Jackie allegedly refused to film after all the women, except Melissa Gorga, took the OG's side and she even missed the cast trip to Lake George at the beginning of the season, the insider revealed:

“This season will be the season of Jackie. At one point, she was only talking to Melissa because everyone else sided with Teresa and she felt it was ridiculous that they were choosing sides. However, Melissa continued to stay neutral and always had Jackie’s back.

"Jackie refused to film because she was so upset that the women would all side with Teresa over everything. She was over the drama of people always siding with Teresa no matter what and not having their own voice or opinion. Even Margaret [Josephs], who has always had [Jackie’s] back, strayed a bit and that upset Jackie, so she distanced herself and needed a break from filming.”

If this tea is true then I definitely agree with Jackie. I'm sick of this show revolving around Teresa Giudice and I'm sick of all the women constantly crawling up her ass because she's the OG.

The dynamics definitely need to change on this show because Jackie and Melissa are the only people who have called Tre out for the last THREE seasons and it's getting tiring. The fact that even Marge turned on Jackie is WILD.

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The insider confirmed that although it took two conversations to squash their beef, Teresa and Jackie have officially made up (at least until the show starts airing again) and the self proclaimed "bad ass Jewish chick from Jersey" allegedly feels much more comfortable filming with the group since their reconciliation, the source stated:

“Teresa and Jackie made up recently. They both wronged each other. They both apologized and moved past it — they are now in a good place. Now that the two ladies have made up, Jackie is so much more at ease. It’s really helped bring the group together now that Teresa and Jackie have made up again.”

On a podcast a few weeks ago, Dolores Catania's ex-husband turned BFF Frank Catania revealed that production of season 11 had been extended for three weeks because the drama between the women has been so good.

No word yet on if Teresa and Jackie's beef is the only conflict of the season or not, but I'm sure Marge turning on Jackie will definitely become a storyline and Jennifer Aydin is always up to something...

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