The Real Housewives of Orange County: Season 15 Cast Ranked!


Between a global pandemic, a boycott over Kelly Dodd's insensitive comments, and the most underwhelming cast in Housewives history, this season of The Real Housewives of Orange County had all the odds stacked against it. While it wasn't the show's best season it definitely wasn't it's worst either and the women somehow created enough content to keep us mildly entertained while we were all stuck at home. Check out our cast ranking below:

6. Emily Simpson

Besides catching COVID-19 and her little bitch of a husband having a near-death experience, what exactly did Emily do this season? The lawyer turned party planner spent this year like she has every other, talking shit in her confessionals while saying absolutely nothing to these bitches faces. If Emily channeled her sassy confessional energy into her relationships with these women she'd be an amazing Housewife but instead, she's become the Teddi Mellencamp of Orange County. Time to fucking go.

5. Shannon Beador

Shannon's career as a Housewife has aged like milk. She's stale, rotten and I'm sure if we looked close enough we'd find a thick layer of toxic mold on her chin hair. Her screechy voice, fake cackle, exaggerated hand movements, and feng shui antics are way too produced and she has officially become a caricature of her former self. Shannon begins every season claiming she's never been happier and slowly descends into a pit of self-pity, tears, and tequila by the end. Shannon is played out and unless Tamra returns next season to ruffle her reactive feathers, she no longer serves a purpose on this show.

4. Kelly Dodd

Fans decided to boycott the show due to Kelly's insensitive comments about COVID-19, however, she spent most of this season keeping to herself and providing us with comic relief. Aside from bragging about her sex life with Rick Leventhal, picking a dumb fight with Shannon over water, and sparring with Braunwyn over the BLM movement, Kelly was basically M.I.A. this season, maybe because she was flying to New York to swallow some Fox News cum. I don't like Kelly but I don't hate her either, she's just a dumb bitch who brags about graduating from ASU.

3. Elizabeth Vargas

I know I'm the only person who likes Liz and I'm prepared to die on this hill. Between her raspy voice, bubbly yet weird personality, and childhood trauma from being raised in a cult, Elizabeth is a fucking wild card who is full of surprises, vodka, and energy. Did anything she say this season make sense? Absolutely not. Do I care? Fuck no. Liz's stream of lies about whether or not she fucked her boyfriend were probably just to ensure she got money from her divorce and I love a smart queen who knows how to hustle her geriatric, billionaire ex-husband.

2. Gina Kirschenheiter

Who would've thought that Gina would wind up being the fan-favorite? Fresh out of her abusive marriage, Gina came into her own this season. She moved in with a cute guy and his kids into a home that is not sad and depressing (for the record), she fixed her clusterfuck of a haircut, supported Braunwyn through her sobriety even though she couldn't stand her annoying ass, and became the fun, bubbly voice of reason. I don't know how this show should move forward but Gina definitely deserves to be apart of it. What a difference a year makes!

1. Braunwyn Windham-Burke

Yes, I'm aware Braunwyn fucking sucks, however, without her problematic personality the only storyline this season would've been Shannon stockpiling toilet paper and crying. I went into this season thinking Braunwyn was the "woke queen of Orange County" and then realized it was only a persona she constructed to stimulate her fragile narcissistic ego. Everything about Fraudwyn is fake. She claims she only wants to be around "authentic women" when in actuality her personality is just as real as her hair, lips, and boobs.

Her struggle with sobriety was sobering to watch (pun definitely intended), however, her constant lies and revelation that she physically abused her husband made her more unlikeable than a fly in the summer. Due to her newfound lesbianism and obsession with drama, I'm sure Fraudwyn will be around for a while because her life would probably implode if she was no longer holding an orange.

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