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The Reason Why Britney Spears Moved Back To Her Old House

PHOTO: Instagram

Mystery solved!

Last June when Britney Spears married her longtime boo Sam Asghari she purchased a new Calabasas home for the newlyweds to move into. However, since then fans have noticed Britney has continued to post videos of her twirling around the living room in her old home begging the question: what the fuck?

Why would Britney be posting videos of her dancing in the old home when she just bought a new one? Is she uploading a backlog of old dancing videos? Did she ever step foot in her new place? Is she still being controlled? Well, we finally have the answer to *most* of those questions!

According to Hollywood Life, the iconic singer is living full-time in her former Thousand Oaks residence and is in the process of selling the new home she bought in June. Although she paid $11.8 million for the mansion last year, she’s now selling it for $12 million. Hopefully, the queen makes the $200k she’s asking for. The source shared:

“Britney and Sam are living in her Thousand Oaks home full time while her new home that they purchased is being sold.”

Although her new home in Calabasas was in the same community as her ex Kevin Federline and her two children, Brit apparently prefers her old house and never really liked the new one. The source revealed:

“She always preferred this home and she never really vibed with the new house. It has nothing to do with the location of her sons or anything like that. It is simply that Britney feels safe in her Thousand Oaks house, and she has so many memories there. To her, this house felt like home, and it is where they are currently living.”

Insiders also told TMZ one of the reasons Britney went back to the old home was because the new one was “too exposed” for her. If you know anything about Britney, being safe and secure are the most important things to her, so it makes perfect sense.

After getting out of a 13-year conservatorship less than 18 months ago it’s probably best for Brit to stay in the house she feels comfortable in. Plus, the living room that has borne witness to her spinning around with her questionable extensions has become an iconic pop culture landmark, so it would be a shame for Britney to give it up. At least we can look forward to her living room appearing in the background of her Instagram posts for years to come.

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