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Wendy Williams' BFF Accuses NeNe Leakes Of Cheating With French Montana

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This beef really is the gift that keeps on giving.

Earlier this week, NeNe Leakes called her former "friend" Wendy Williams a "cocaine head" on Twitter after the talk show host commented on her departure from The Real Housewives of Atlanta. The next day, NeNe then shaded Wendy's medical condition called lymphedema in a YouTube video and now Wendy's BFF is clapping back HARD at the Rich Bitch.

It's fair to say that Wendy's longtime bestie Madina Milana is less than impressed with NeNe's comments during the past week. Madina has been friends with Wendy for years and even served as a producer of her talk show back in 2008, now she appears on the WeTV reality show, Growing Up Hip Hop: New York, and obviously she's on reality TV for a reason because she read NeNe for FILTH.

Madina took to Instagram to defend Wendy against NeNe's comments and basically wants the Atlanta Housewife to keep Wendy's name out of her fucking mouth. Madina spilled the tea saying that last year, NeNe asked her to set up a sit-down between her and Wendy. Madina claims Wendy didn't even want to have dinner with NeNe but the Rich Bitch jumped on the plane and the two buried the hatchet over cocktails, apparently thanks to Madina.

Wendy's BFF turned reality star said NeNe tricked her into having the sit-down so that she could lie on Wendy and use her. These are all facts. NeNe only befriended the talk show host for clout and as soon as Wendy stopped kissing her ass on TV, NeNe turned around and started talking shit about her over social media.

Madina then went on to accuse NeNe, a married woman, of letting rapper French Montana touch her snatch. I. AM. GAGGED.

Miss Madina means business and although she threatened to expose the Rich Bitch's secrets if she keeps talking about Wendy, I hope NeNe keeps running her mouth so Madina can spill even more tea. During her Instagram rant, Madina said:

“Why don’t you talk about the part where we was in the truck and you were letting French touch all on your snatch. That’s right, you were all up under French Montana. A whole married woman, NeNe. So what I’m gonna tell you is this, you gotta fall all the way back, keep everybody’s name out ya mouth because if you keep coming for people, thats what’s gonna happen. It’s gonna be more stuff aired out, more receipts shown and I don’t think you want that boo.”

Madina is not the bitch I would want to be in a dark alley with, that's for sure. I believe the French Montana tea and I am living for Madina coming after NeNe because although she's more aggressive than a dog in heat, at the end of the day Madina is just defending her friend against someone she believes used her for clout.

If NeNe suddenly stops talking about Wendy after this mess, then we know she's scared Madina will continue exposing facts... I wonder what's going to happen when NeNe is asked about the situation on The Tamron Hall Show on Friday, because there is no way around this scandal considering the way NeNe has carried on this week.

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