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Wendy Williams Calls Cynthia Bailey Selfish For Wedding & Gives Her Marriage Three Years

PHOTO: Bravo/Getty Images

The talk show host is not impressed.

Last Saturday, Cynthia Bailey married her husband Mike Hill in a ceremony with 250+ guests, which is obviously less than smart given the fact that we're currently living through a global pandemic, but I guess 53 Cynt really wanted that 10/10/2020 date.

During Monday's episode of her talk show, Wendy Williams spoke about the super spreader wedding and shaded the entire thing in the process. The Queen of Hot Topics called Cynthia selfish and observed that no one was social distancing and that some people weren't even wearing masks. Wendy shaded the big day saying:

“Congratulations to selfish Cynthia and her husband Mike Hill, they got married on Saturday. People Magazine got the pictures, of course, some of the guests wore face masks, others wore shields, and some wore no masks at all. All I can feel is coughing. Look at these people! And everybody looks beautiful and the place looks really nice, but there’s no social distancing at all. I’m frightened for all of them.”

If you're not a regular Wendy Watcher then you need to get on her hot mess express right away because Wendy breaks down hot topics and throws shade like nobody's business. Give it about two weeks and then we'll start seeing all the coronavirus cases that came out of this wedding.

I understood that Cynthia probably couldn't let a global pandemic change her wedding date because she needed it for her storyline on The Real Housewives of Atlanta that is currently filming, however, sources are now saying her wedding won't even be on the show.

The Peach Report, which is a very reliable source for all the ATL tea, revealed that once the production company found out how many people were attending the wedding they decided not to film it. So they're gonna make us sit through an entire season of wedding prep and not even show us the big day that was filled with heaps of Bravolebrity cameos? BORING!

Wendy on to say she believes they make a great couple and said it's a good thing they live on opposite sides of the country, however, she then predicted that they'll only last, at most, three years because of the Bravo cameras. Wendy explained:

“I just wish they wouldn’t have gotten married in the pomp and circumstance. She lives in Atlanta and he lives in LA. Perfect distance. At a particular age, you don’t need a husband right there, you need him once in a while. Cameras will ruin a marriage and I feel like this marriage will only last at the most three years, because they’re gonna have Bravo all involved and something’s going to come up, I don’t know what it will be but something will come [up].”

Where's the lie? I hope CHill make it last forever and I think they will, but he's a known cheater, they live on different coasts and they are on a reality show in the public eye, so the odds are really stacked against them.

In the middle of her rant about Cynthia and Mike, Wendy changed topics and pivoted to a story about Katherine McPhee securing the bag by getting pregnant to her old man millionaire husband David Foster. Eh, at least he’s not Yolanda’s problem anymore… If you guys don't already watch Wendy daily then you need to get on that ASAP.

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