Woman Accused Of Stealing Kyle Richards' Ring Demands Apology From Kyle - And Diane Keaton

PHOTO: Bravo

This is peak 2020.

During the season ten secrets revealed episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, cast member Kyle Richards revealed that she saw what she thought was her mother's ring on a psychic's hand on one of Diane Keaton's Instagram photos. Yes, you read that right, however, now the woman in question is speaking out and she's pissed.

Kyle's home was burglarized in 2017 and she believed that the woman in Diane's Instagram photo was wearing one of her stolen rings that belonged to her mother.

Following the episode airing, social media went wild over this bizarre story and the granddaughter of the woman whose hands were in Diane's Instagram photo, took to TikTok to shoot down the rumors that the ring was stolen, saying her grandmother has had that particular ring for decades. Did Kyle really think she was the only person in the world with this ring?

The lady in question, Diana French, spoke out about the scandal to Inside Edition and it's fair to say she's not fucking happy. Diana who is not a psychic, but in fact a retired pharmacy clerk, set the record straight telling the reporter that she has owned the ring ever since her mother died and her father passed it onto her. Diana explained:

“Horrible. I don’t deserve this. Nobody deserves this. My twin sister called me last Thursday and she said, ‘Diana, your hands are on Google.' My mother was killed 40 years ago and my dad gave me her band."

This story is wild. To prove this is actually her property, Diana still has the appraisal papers of the ring, which is worth $2,500 and shared numerous family photos throughout the years where she is, in fact, wearing the ring. Diana isn't happy about this mix up and clarified that Diane Keaton was a customer of hers 4 years ago and that the photo is of her hands on the pharmacy counter.

She also wants an apology from both Kyle and Diane, but for some reason I don't think she's going to get it. The long nailed pharmacist clerk said:

“I deserve an apology. I mean this is terrible."

Justice for Diana!

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