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Are Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Breaking up? Get the TEA!

I REALLY hope this tea is not true!

Word on the street is that Harry and Meghan are in no rush to get married, but are still happily together. Phew. These two love birds have been dating for a year and are in no rush to get married. This comes after new reports that Meghan was spotted with an engagement ring. This is some alternative facts! Damn, I am ready for another royal wedding. It's been a minute.

Apparently Meghan and Harry have to sort out heaps of things before they tie the knot. We all know that Meghan is still filming her show Suits in Canada so she isn't ready to jump across the pond to live. Mmm. If I were Meghan I would drop everything to be royal but I am happy that she is keeping some of her independence.

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We all know how Harry was affected by Diana and Charles split so he wants to make sure that Meghan IS the right girl and that no divorce is in his future. I understand that. I mean how stupid would Harry look if he rushed into marriage and got divorced. This isn't Tom and Lu!

These two lovebirds are so cute and I just really want to see some mixed royal babies in the future. I mean how would that work? Mixed babies with red hair? Damn! Also, George and Charlotte need some cousins to play with, come on Harry!

What do you think about this royal couple? Do you want Meghan and Harry to walk down the aisle? Sound off in the comments below!

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