Shade of the Week: Kanye West

Kanye needs to chill out and take several seats!

I am so over Kanye. He's rude, selfish, judgemental, manipulative and controlling - just to name a few of his traits! After Kanye's mental breakdown last year I thought he would be better, but I think he's just got worse!

He started a feud with Jay Z and Beyoncé for literally no reason at all and don't even get me started about his MESS of a fashion line!

Kim and the kids should pack their bags and leave Kanye in the dust, but the "super couple" of Kimye is making millions ATM so I don't think Miss Kris would let that happen, unless she knows a divorce would make her more coins!

Kanye needs to proceed with caution because he is getting on my very last nerve!

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