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Did Drug Use Lead To Kanye West's Breakdown?

Kanye West

I do not think Yeezy is gonna be happy about this!

Kanye West is suing his tour insurers because they will not compensate him for cancelling his tour dates. The rapper is asking for 10 million dollars, but it looks like the tour insurers have found a loophole not to pay!

Word on the street is that the tour insurers are claiming that Kanye was using illegal drugs at the time and that is why he canceled his tour dates. They are also claiming that drugs and alcohol are what lead to Kanye's breakdown in November last year. Sources are saying that the drugs were more "hard core" than marijuana, allegedly!

Kanye's legal team is claiming that he cancelled the tour because he suffered from mental illness and had very erratic behaviour. Hasn't Kanye has always had erratic behaviour?

Do you believe that Kanye was using illegal drugs? Should Kanye get his 10 million? Sound off in the comments below!

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