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10 Years of Kardashians: Good Tea's Top 10 KUWTK Moments!

Love them or hate them, the Kardashian's have survived through 10 years of reality TV. We've seen them build businesses, get married, divorced, have children - and even see of one of them transition! To celebrate 10 years of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, here is a list of our top 10 moments throughout the years! Bible!

1. The Bentley Battle

If you don't remember this iconic Kardashian fight then here's a little refresher: Kim went to buy a Bentley but the guy at the dealership was rude. Khloe and Kourt tried to stand up for Kim but Kim didn't want them to. Then they went back to Rob's apartment and had a massive fight. The girls wouldn't make up, so Kris sent everyone on a family holiday where Kim cried and Kourtney laughed! This storyline was iconic to say the least and we got to hear Kim coin the phrase "Don't be fucking rude". Season 2, Episodes 7 & 8

2. Kim's 72 Day Marriage

Did anyone ever think these two would work? We all remember when Kris threw Kim into the ocean and she lost her diamond earring. Iconic. We also got to see their 4 PART Wedding Special and their horrible marriage on the second season of Kourtney & Kim Take New York. They didn't really have anything in common and Kris was so annoying. This was also the cause of Kim's epic crying scene, watch it here! This marriage gave the show a lot of drama and made the family a boat load of money! Season 6 and K&K Take New York Season 2

3. Kourtney Giving Birth

The Kardashian's don't hide anything from the camera's even their vaginas. Kourtney showed the birth of two of her kids, Mason and Penelope on the show. The image of Kourt literally pulling Mason out of her vagina is burned into my memory. Season 4, Episode 11. Season 7, Episode 18.

4. Kourt Burns Khloe's Vagina

Possibly the funniest moment in the shows history is when Kourtney completely fucked up Khloe's vagina. A little background: Khloe was a newlywed and wanted to wax her bush for Lamar. Kourt offered too and burned Khloe with the wax. A mess. The girls thought it would be a good idea to put butter on her vagina to get rid of the burn, so Scott walks into the room to see his girlfriend buttering her own sister's vagina. You can't make this stuff up! K&K Take Miami, Season 2, Episode 2

5. Khloe and Lamar's Wedding

Awww, this gives me all the feels. Khloe and Lamar were the most goals couple in the Kardashian family, until they weren't. I loved these two, and their wedding was so cute. They planned the wedding in 9 days and got married when they had only know each other for a month. It was true love! Season 4, Episode 1

6. Todd Kraines

Oh my god! This prank was epic. Scott would prank call Kris saying "Hey Aunt Kris, it's me, it's Todd Kraines." Iconic! They sent Kris flowers and everything, when it got to the point where the REAL Todd Kraines showed up at Kris' house! I still laugh thinking about it! Season 8, Episode 4

7. Khloe Going To Jail

Khloe was going to jail for her DUI and nobody really cared. Kris wanted to go to iHop, Kim was taking selfies, even Khloe didn't think it was serious. It turned out it wasn't because Khloe was back on the streets in a couple of hours, but the car ride to jail was of the most iconic Kardashian moments of all time! Season 3, Episode 1

8. Caitlyn's Transition

The biggest change that the family has gone through was when Bruce literally became Cailtyn. After years of rumors Caitlyn could finally be the woman she had always wanted to be, but not without a boat load of drama. Caitlyn trash talked Kris in her Vanity Fair article, her spinoff show and her own book! Damn, angry much?

9. Kim's Robbery

This was by far the realest moment in the whole 10 years of the show. We all remember last year when Kim got robbed at gunpoint in Paris. I have watched the episode at least 10 times and I cry every time. Kim was so open and real about everything when most people would of shut the cameras down and ended the show. Season 13, Episode 2

10. Scott Shoves $100 in Waiter's Mouth

One of the best vintage Kardashian moments was when Scott got drunk in Las Vegas and shoved a $100 bill down the waiters throat on Kim's 30 birthday, while Kourtney was 8 months pregnant. This was a great recipe for an epic reality TV moment and takes out our top 10 spot. Season 4, Episode 10

Do you agree with our ranking? What are you favourite Kardashian moments? Sound off in the comments below! The KUWTK 10 Year Anniversary Special airs September 24th at 9/8c on E! Stay tuned at Good Tea for our shady episode recaps and exclusive tea on the first family of reality TV!

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