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RHOD Recap: This Is How We Do It

The Real Housewives of Dallas | Season 2, Episode 5

The Dallas girls are showing us how it is done - in Memphis?

This week Brandi took Cary and Stephanie back to her Memphis roots! Brandi's mom also tagged along for the ride and they look like twins. The 3 amigos landed in Memphis and hit the ground running. They went on over to Brandi's grandfather's house and met Brandi's whole extended family, so cute! I loved Steph's little comments about her and Brandi dating - this is what I want to see. Also, the two besties planned to both have a baby if the other would. How does that work? Do the text each other and say ready, set, go? It would be fun to see two housewives pregnant at the same time. That gives me Teresa and Jacqueline vibes!

The girls went catfishing and it was the funniest thing ever. Steph wouldn't touch the worms and the ladies were all acting like fools, but at least they caught a few fish! I love this trio. Later that night they all had drinks and bitched about their other castmates. Brandi spilled the tea that her daughters are scared of LeeAnne. If LeeAnne "isn't allowed" in Brandi's house, how do her daughters know who she is? I need some clarification. Brandi hasn't gotten to know the new girls D'Andra and Kameron and there is an obvious divide in the group.

The other interesting part of the Memphis trip was when Brandi went to visit her grandma's house. This literally made me cry - I'm not joking. I shed a few tears. Brandi's grandmother hasn't spoken to her since Brandi started a relationship with her grandpa. She knocked on her grandma's door with flowers and got no answer. Her car and dogs were home so she was obviously just avoiding her. That broke my heart. I hope we can see them reconnect at some point because family is everything.

Back in Dallas Kameron is still trying to create her pink dog food. Ugh. I couldn't care less. She tried to get her husband to invest $100,000 in making her dream come true. I just don't see the point, won't the dogs shit pink? I am so over this "I pretend to be a dumb blonde, but I'm actually smart" bullshit. It's enough. Kameron is probably the only RHOD that I don't like.

Queen LeeAnne Locken paid her therapist a visit and talked about her relationship with Rich. She wants to try and send Rich a message about getting engaged and her therapist said it was essential. At the end of the day, being married is just a sheet of paper so I don't see the big deal. I just want to see LeeAnne and Rich happy in whatever they choose to do with their relationship! LeeAnne is also hurt that Brandi didn't invite her to Memphis. I feel like Brandi used LeeAnne as a filler for the summer and she threw her out as soon as Stephanie came back. Poor LeeAnne, she is a strong ass bitch though so this won't keep her down! She is so glam this season!

D'Andra was also dealing with her own drama in this episode. Her stepson Keaton decided to move out of the house so D'Andra and her hot husband had a talk to him. D'Andra literally yelled at Keaton about how he is throwing his life away and how he is being selfish. I agree, and I think it comes from a genuine place. Keaton was not listening to one word she was saying, it is so obvious that he does not respect her. D'Andra wouldn't be so passionate about this if she didn't love Keaton. I also feel as though D'Andra was raised to do what Mamma Dee wanted her to do and she believes that Keaton should do what his parents want for him. I loved how she roasted his ass when he rolled his eyes - you do NOT want to mess with Miss Simmons! Her hot husband didn't add much to the conversation but he is still fun to look at.

Next week ALL the ladies are coming together and the drama is popping off!

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