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Shade of the Week: Scott Disick

Scott Disick | Shade of the Week

At this point Scott is just a lost cause!

Am I the only one that is sick to death of hearing Scott complain about his life? He is like a broken record! He goes on a bender and nobody hears from him for days, gets in trouble and then whines about how everyone hates him.

You. Need. To. Work. You can't just fuck up and think that everyone will take you back with open arms. Scott needs to quit the drinking and the drugs, and focus on spending quality time with his three adorable children. For obvious reasons, Kourtney won't let him see the kids but Scott needs to make it a goal to be a good dad and not just give up because it is too hard.

It also annoys me how Scott can never take accountability for any of his actions, someone else is always the problem. The only time Scott admits his faults is when he tries to manipulate the family into accepting him back into the fold, but he always manages to repeat his actions.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians also isn't doing Scott any favours. His addiction combined with reality TV is a recipe for disaster! Kris and the girls have had massive ratings from sitting back and letting Scott act like a fool but I think it is time for Kris to call a family meeting and finally kick Scott off the show. He is like watching a car crash and in the worst way possible.

Do you agree with this week's shade? Sound off in the comments below!

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