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RHOD Recap: Texas Tea Time

Sorry this recap is late tea drinkers but it is worth the wait! These Dallas girls are bringing it, so I am so sad that the streets are saying there are only 3 episodes left - They haven't even filmed the reunion yet!

We started off with LeeAnne's motivational speech and it was good. Hell, it even motivated me a little bit. I loved seeing the similarities with LeeAnne and D'Andra's lives. D'Andra came from everything and LeeAnne came from nothing but they both have the same issues from their past. Right after delivering a killer speech and trying to help people, LeeAnne launched into trash talking Cary with her friend that D'Andra knew was bad news! I love how D'Andra tries to make LeeAnne see sense and be her moral compass and LeeAnne just completely ignores her advice. I think LeeAnne wants to be good but she is also a real housewife.

Brandi was talking to her girls about potentially trying to have another child. I want to see Mrs Redmond running around Plano with a baby bump but I think it is better in theory. I mean having 3 kids under 10 is no picnic! Rich and LeeAnne also went on a date to the carnival and he proposed! I love these two together because I think he balances out her crazy side and I think it is so romantic that he proposed at the carnival where she grew up! Super cute!

Cary is also dealing with a different kind of baby drama - Mark. The couple had a double date with Kameron and her hobbit husband and things got awkward! Cary's baby Zuri was at the dinner and Mark looked like he literally wanted to kill her. He also spent the whole night giving his wife passive aggressive digs. Ugh. There is nothing I hate more than real housewives couples subtly shading each other on camera. I bet attending that dinner made Kameron and Court feel way more normal.

The highlight of the episode was D'Andra's honest tea. I could of watched that mess for hours! D'Andra, being the southern debutante that is she hosted the perfect tea party. Once all the ladies came together she decided that everyone should write questions then put them in a teapot and they all discuss the questions, very Andy Cohen of her. I'm impressed. Kameron and Brandi rehashed their stupid Memphis drama. Brandi even gave Kameron the whiskey she gave the other girls and the Barbie doll still tried to create some drama. I agree with Brandi, Kameron needs to get laid by her hobbit husband! Everytime Kameron speaks I get a migraine. She was definitely giving me Camille season 1 vibes.

Brandi and LeeAnne also talked about their friendship. Just to be clear, LeeAnne was drunk as a skunk. I felt bad that LeeAnne was left out, but I think there was heaps of behind the scenes drama. Brandi spilled the tea that at an event someone told her that LeeAnne hates her. Ugh. Brandi should have gone to LeeAnne and asked her instead of letting it bottle up, in my opinion. The guy also said that Mark was 100% gay. First OC and now Dallas? I am so over all these gay husband rumours!

As the night went on LeeAnne got drunker and I was living. One of the girls asked if she got her face threaded by her vagina doctor? What? LeeAnne tried to say that her doctor has heaps of qualifications but Cary shut that shit down. LeeAnne retaliated in true LeeAnne Locken fashion and called Cary a CUNT. They beeped the word but we all know what she was saying. Cary attempted to storm out but I think a producer must have bribed her with a bonus check because her ass went straight back on the couch. D'Andra continued to read from her shady tea pot but couldn't read somebody's messy writing, come on we all know that it was Stephanie's! HA!

As the night went on LeeAnne was past the point of no return and was drunk out of her mind. She started to tell her life story and D'Andra had NO time for it. The only person who did was Brandi but I think she was little lit up too. After a night of fighting the girls didn't resolve anything but somehow decided to take a trip together. That makes perfect sense. I am ready for this Mexico madness to begin! Also next week we see LeeAnne talking real scary behind closed doors. I have major anxiety but cannot wait for next week to roll around.

The Real Housewives of Dallas airs Mondays at 10/9c on Bravo! Stay tuned at Good Tea for our shady recaps and exclusive tea on the lone star ladies!

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