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Shade of the Week: Meghan King Edmonds

Meghan King Edmonds

Does anyone else sigh whenever they see Messy King Edmonds pop up on their screens?

For the last three seasons I have grown more and more tired of seeing Meghan stir the pot on The Real Housewives of Orange County. It would be one thing if she did it in an entertaining way like Lisa Rinna, Kenya Moore or Brandi Granville. Except Meghan is too dull and lifeless to deliver an epic reality TV moment.

And that baby! If I see one more OC housewife in a baby store this year I will slit my wrists. Enough! Last season all Messy did was talk about how she wanted to be pregnant and Jimmy didn't care. This season all she talks about is that baby and guess what - Jimmy still doesn't care. Messy knew exactly what she was getting into so I have no sympathy for her boring ass.

I am SO over seeing women with babies on The Real Housewives. I don't wanna waste an hour of my week to see some snot nosed kid crying when I could be watching a juicy fight between two middle aged cougars. We don't need or want Meghan King Edmonds on this show! GIRL BYE!

Getting back to her "marriage." Meghan is Jimmy's third wife. Not his first, not his second - but his third. Jimmy Edmonds is a man that upgrades his women the minute they get their first wrinkle so I definitely think that Meghan only has a few years left before Jimmy is trading her in for another 25-year-old. Mmm, maybe a newly divorced Meghan would be good TV? It's worked for Luann, Porsha and Ramona!

Meghan keep moisturising if you want to keep your man, but if you want to keep your job - throw that man away and get a good lawyer ready! Proceed with caution!

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