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KUWTK Premiere Recap: Khloe Takes Cleveland

Keeping Up With The Kardashians | Season 14, Episode 1

We started off the fourteen season with all the girls doing their 10th anniversary photoshoot for the Hollywood Reporter. All the girls look so great after a decade in the business, Kris' face may not move but she at least looks good!

Khloe's new boo Tristan stopped by the shoot and they are so cute together! I really hope those pregnancy rumours are true because these two are officially my favourite Kardashian kouple. Khloe's BFF Malika stopped by and kind of invited herself on the sisters trip to Cleveland. Tristan plays in Cleveland so Khloe tries to be there as much as possible. Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Malika, Khadijah and Kim's assistant Steph all hopped on their private jet to Cleveland. That plane was giving me life! Kim even had a bed on that thing.

In true Kardashian fashion, the girls can't go anywhere without a little drama. While on their own plane, Kim gets the news that Caitlyn has said goodbye to her penis in her new biography! Yep, Kim found out online that her ex-step dad got his penis removed to become all woman. I've said it before but I am so over Caitlyn. Why give Kim and Kris a copy the book and then leave that tea out of it? Ugh.

The girls touched down in Cleveland and they were on 10! They arrived at their hotel which had a bathroom in the living room, so that was fun. Two of Tristan's friends met up with them to go to dinner and they looked like they would rather of killed themselves than stay another minutes with those girls. After everyone got glammed up in fur coats, the crew walked down the street to the restaurant. It was so weird seeing the girls walking the streets without paparazzi and fans following them. Mmm, maybe the whole family should pack up and move to Ohio!

At the dinner the girls spilled all the tea. Kourt said she would only have another baby with Scott if the "situation was right" and Khloe said she's not planning to have a baby with Tristan anytime soon and wants God to take the wheel! I am praying that this latest baby news is for real!

After the dinner Kim went back to the hotel to sleep and moisturise? I mean what else do you do at a hotel? Everyone else went to the club and facetimed Mama Kris who had just found off that Cait did the snip! She was crying in bed about the news with a very drunk Malika trying to comfort her. The girls gave Kris a few more cheers and she was all better. By the end of the night Malika was wasted and started crying about being in a different car than Khloe. DAMN. Maybe the Hamptons make out session wasn't a drunken mistake?

For day 2 in Cleveland the girls headed over to Khloe and Tristan's place which she really glammed up with a Marliyn Monroe lookalike painting. While a chef prepared their meal Kim found out more tea that Caitlyn left out of her shady book. Caitlyn is claiming that Robert Kardashian knew that O.J. was guilty and only defended him to get back at Kris. Can someone put a muzzle on Caitlyn? Not only is this wrong, but Robert is not alive to defend himself against this stupidness. I mean didn't Caitlyn watch the O.J. mini series? After they bitched about Cait for a while the girls realised that Khloe had really moved to Cleveland. The house was very Khlo-C-D and her whole wardrobe was basically in Ohio. It was a real turning point. Also, I am loving the new snapchat/throwback pics between the scenes know. The producers have really upped their game for this season.

For the third and final day in Cleveland the girls headed to an indoor amusement park? It was really not for me but Khloe and Kourtney were loving it! It seems like they shut down Disneyland for everybody's birthday so it didn't surprise me that they were dipping and doing it in an amusement park. Khloe's boo Tristan also joined them for the fun and they are so cute together! I love seeing them on camera together but I hope that reality TV doesn't break him like it broke Lamar. I am loving the new Kourtney without Scott. She gives zero fucks and is hilarious! Work it Kourt!

The other storyline in this episode was Kendall's pepsi commercial backlash. Ugh. This happened back in April so why should I care to watch this in October? She complained the whole time about all the hate she's been getting but who cares? Kim has had more scandals than the amount of years that Kendall has been alive so Kennie really needs to pump those breaks. Because Caitlyn was doing press for her book Kim had to step in and tell her exactly what to say if the media asks about Pepsi gate. OF COURSE Caitlyn said something completely different because she is a fame loving whore, so Kendall and Kim both weren't happy! UGH! Kylie didn't appear but does anyone really care?

Did you like the season 14 premiere? Sound off in the comments below!

Keeping Up With The Kardashians airs Sundays at 9/8c on E! Stay tuned at Good Tea for our shady recaps and exclusive tea on the first family of reality TV.

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